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weekly iphone pic drop

I begged mom to let us keep the Christmas lights up – a little bit longer – they make this place feel more like home to me.

Some mornings I take my book and indulge in a veggie omelette before the rest of the family is awake.  My alone time.

Creative thinking is my favorite – actually positive thinking is – these journals are my “positive only” journals for all my close girls.

Green Fin White Table Wine from Trader Joe’s is $3.99 well spent.  Bueno.

Front license plate fell off – a new set fully installed – I have a thing for remembering license plates : 563-HTH

Sometime’s I make up names for people, mom’s birthday is coming up, had A Piece of Cake write her Mexican name on top – Jorge (pronounced whore-hey)

Winter colds have made an entire rotation throughout the house – ending – and hopefully stopping with L : this is what a gargantuan amount of meds will do to you.  Sexy.

A little birdy told me how to successfully plastic wrap the inside of our windows.  Smart bird.

My new favorite use for zee iPad is watching TED videos while sweating like mad at the gym.  Hello knowledge + fitness combo.



ciao lovers.




first poll: half marathons

As I’m getting over the second long-term winter cold – I’m itching to get outside and run.  Each summer I like to run a few half marathons – in the spirit of being organized, it’s time I register for them.  I have picked four halves – help me narrow down to two!  Two is a good number to start with, and I’ll populate the in between with 5Ks, 10Ks, and a few 10 mile races.

Please pick two.  And thank you!

chase me.

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a new tradition

Alright, here it is – the start of a new tradition.  A weekly download of pics I take on my iPhone.  A teeny caption to pair with them.  I used to do a photo a day with a paragraph or two about what it meant to me.  In the spirit of being all over the place, and taking way more pics on a regular basis – this Weekly iPhone Pic Drop is going to take place every Friday – as a recap to my week in photos – usually filtered through Instragram.  I love pictures.  I love seeing my life through pictures.  I think you will too.


Fish at pet store.  P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Animal print on the inside of my Toms.

Cone I successfully ran up into my front wheel well (be impressed).

FrozBroz Minneapolis Craft Ice Cream taste test.

Whole wheat toast with almond butter & agave nectar.

Driving the bobcat, spreading mulch, dad/daughter bonding.

Mysteriously ‘sick’, pain in my ass, blunt slinging older sister H.

Business brainstorming for new entrepreneurial ideas.

Reverse screen sharing = apparently infinite.


Something new each week.  Nine new pics.  Yay creativity!  xo.

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makes the world go round

Music is what motivates me, energizes me & fuels my runs.  It also makes me look like complete crazy b*t#h… picture this, I’m driving down 35W, my song comes on – I crank this up – I sing it loud – complete with pained emotional expressions, loud pitches… a complete rockstar stage performance.  It seems as though all my favorite songs right now are about love.  LOVE, love, LOVE.  Strained, sad, happy, missing, questioning, deep, confusing relationships : it. is. perfect. for. me. right. now.

Here is the complete list that I can’t help but max my volume at:

1.  “It Will Rain” – Bruno Mars

2.  “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri [may or may not elicit tears depending on the mood]

3.  “Don’t You Remember” – Adele [the queen of all relationship music]

4.  “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz [love this music video]

It might be all the wedding talk [Carley] & current boy thoughts.  Either way, music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.  I’m sure of it.



Two things I will touch on another day when The Hunger Games series isn’t calling my name to be read.  [remind me if I don’t remember]

1) starting my DayMakers idea

2) new weekly iPhone pic drop

more on those new parts of life later.

buenos noches amores.


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just don’t understand

You may know me as quite the animal lover.  I melt when I see cute things, little babies, puppies, fish, polar bears…. oh my GAWD don’t get me started on the polar bears.  All of my environmentally friendly efforts I contribute to “saving the polar bears” – are you going to turn off that hallway light?  Use the hand dryer instead of the paper towels?  Have you even figured out what it means to recycle just yet?

All of the boys I’ve been privy to love, date, hang out with, have been given the full ‘save the polar bears’ run down and I hopefully have encouraged them to do just the littlest they can do, to make a difference.

Rewind to Thursday night.  S and I decided to have a sister night – we ended up at a mall with a pet shop.  Our first instinct is to go in, poke around, see the sights.  Bad idea.  Look at this little nugget who stared at me through the puppy-nose-smudged glass of his 2’x2′ box “cage”. Obviously his name would have to be Ferdinand.


Can you even look at that without physically feeling your heartstrings get yanked – immediately demanding to know, how much for that puppy?  Well, friends, he is $650.  Quite a few bones more than I have to spend on a dog at the moment.  In fact, the whole wall was covered in adorable puppies that I wanted for my own.

Then I got depressed and thought about where these puppies come from, probably puppy mills, and how handled they may or not be by the hoodlums and punk asses that ask to hold them daily.  I wish pet stores were only able to sell fish.  And rats.  And hamsters.  Maybe the occasional bird.  Definitely not anything as cute as him.  I might even have to ban this little gentleman I nicknamed George…


Cute things belong on laps, snuggled on blankets, taking naps in sunshine – not behind glass, in dirty cages, waiting for someone, anyone, to take them home.

I’m not even a fish person -but look at those little fishy bug eyes!

I’ll take them both sir, load them up, I have just the spot for them.

Goodnight to all the cute nuggets of the world,


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trains, planes, & automobiles

A close friend is currently riding a train across the land to Chicago.  How cool is this form of transportation!?  It is very reminiscent of Harry Potter – and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I’m obsessed.  The next chance I get to book a train ride out to Seattle, Chicago, somewhere, I’m taking it!  I’m a sucker for adventure, for new sights, meeting new people and being spontaneous.  Whose with me?

Ciao Brett!  Don’t eat the dirt flavor Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean!
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I have been so fortunate to grow up with a solid group of ladies.  We currently are spread across the nation (Arizona, Florida, used to be Kansas & Wisconsin, and good ole’ Minnesota).  The fact that we all have iPhones [of course], facilitates the high number of group messages we send back and forth on a regular basis.  I don’t know what I would do without these fabulous women.  They are inspiring and encouraging, hilarious and courageous… when I look forward 50 years… to my lifestyle at the age of 74… it is with these incredible ladies that I will be rocking on my wooden chair – facing the west, watching the sunset – or maybe skinny dipping in the lake after a round of Apples to Apples and St. Germain cocktails.  Wherever life takes us, money couldn’t buy the caliber of people that I’m blessed to call my girlfriends.


[this doesn’t discount my other girlfriends outside of high school… or the large number of men I call my best guys… there is plenty of love to go around… just needed to shout to the Original6 for a moment]


Katie, Carley, Megan, Molly and Rachel.

i heart you.



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I’m the kind of girl who stops the microwave at 1 second, just to feel like a bomb diffuser.

And then promptly clears it out – I despise time left on the microwave.

call me crazy.


le microwave

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back to the basics

There is a time and a place for Nutella and champagne ladies, believe me, this I know.  But sometimes it feels refreshing to get back to the basics.

ciao bella.


raspberries & almond butter.


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what’s in a name?

Some of you asked how I named my blog.  All of my tried and trues were taken, I had to get creative.  oooo such a challenge…. hehe… So, this was my muse.  A journal entry from 3 months ago.  Wanna see?

journal entry october 28. 2011












It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, I know – but some things just don’t right now.

Rollin’ with the punches. xo

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