weekly iphone pic drop

I begged mom to let us keep the Christmas lights up – a little bit longer – they make this place feel more like home to me.

Some mornings I take my book and indulge in a veggie omelette before the rest of the family is awake.  My alone time.

Creative thinking is my favorite – actually positive thinking is – these journals are my “positive only” journals for all my close girls.

Green Fin White Table Wine from Trader Joe’s is $3.99 well spent.  Bueno.

Front license plate fell off – a new set fully installed – I have a thing for remembering license plates : 563-HTH

Sometime’s I make up names for people, mom’s birthday is coming up, had A Piece of Cake write her Mexican name on top – Jorge (pronounced whore-hey)

Winter colds have made an entire rotation throughout the house – ending – and hopefully stopping with L : this is what a gargantuan amount of meds will do to you.  Sexy.

A little birdy told me how to successfully plastic wrap the inside of our windows.  Smart bird.

My new favorite use for zee iPad is watching TED videos while sweating like mad at the gym.  Hello knowledge + fitness combo.



ciao lovers.




One thought on “weekly iphone pic drop

  1. Therisa says:

    You are too fun, and not to mention inspirational!!

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