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My Pixels

I don’t know why this is bothering me so much.  But – something happened over the last few months.  Maybe even years.  My lip pigment.  It seems to be falling out.  I refer to them as my pixels – as in, my pixels are falling out.  Call it coloring outside the lines.  I don’t know how the pigment is leaving or migrating – but I’m nervous it will continue.  Trivial, I know.  But I’m obsessed with lip chap [to the point of needing therapy] – [just kidding] – and every time I put it on I think about my pixels becoming disorganized.  I should be ashamed to worry about something so insignificant.  In spite of that, this is my blog and I write what I please.

Once upon a time, I had a very negative friend.  Everything was a problem, issue, critical occurrence.  In my glass-half-full spirit, I forced her to say something positive every time she threw something negative out into space.  It went a little something like this:

Her:  That girl has an ugly sense of style, no wonder she’s shopping alone.

Me:  Reverse it.

Her:  She does have pretty eyes.

Or one of my more favorite moments,

Her:  This is the nastiest sandwich I’ve eaten in awhile.

Me:  Reverse it.

Her:  At least I have a sandwich.

Now I must reverse it myself.  These pixels falling out of my lip are somewhat frustrating.  But – I could have one leg, one eye, half a finger, no sense of smell, breast cancer, no fingernails, super thin hair that leaves me bald, a cardboard box home, no clothes on my back, one pair of shoes, no family members, etc.

Life is good, through and through.  I have nothing to complain about.

*steps off soapbox


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weekly iphone pic drop

Wings.  My new add-on accessory for going out.

I’m pretty sure my favorite meal to have made for me is breakfast.  This creation is my own.  Ten-grain pancakes with blueberries, bananas & agave nectar.

Pulling out from my parking spot – I see this young man, a valiant chauffeur awaiting his direction.  [it was 34 degrees and he was seated in a ray of sunshine].

My lunch date.  Courtesy of Groupon.  Agave Kitchen in Hudson.  Chips & salsa + laughter = win.

Call me crazy but I’m not very good at car washes – I never line up the wheels right.  Plus, 1/2 dozen failed attempts at going through them with the Solera [picture this: Niagra Fall-style water shooting through the loose convertible top] has me scarred.  It’s a work in progress.

Establishments that place a garbage can next to the door so I can throw away my paper towel used to open the handle, are my favorite.  #happypatron

Once upon a time, I loved smart cars.  Friends & family thought I was out of my mind.  Walking to my car I saw this – so great!  HIGH IQ license plate + NASA bumper sticker + smart car = they’re asking for it.

Oliver.  Robér.  Muffin Head.  Little One.  This guy will sit with me through Netflix marathons, magazine collaging, Photoshopping, even as I run on the ancient treadmill in the basement.  Such a P.I.C.

World’s best salsa.  Created by yours truly.  Try to have just one scoop – I dare you.  It’s not possible.

This weekend is filled with promotions, work, laughter, running, and friends.

Pumped.  Stoked.  Ready.


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tonight, we are young

This afternoon was filled with interval runs to what is soon to be an all-time favorite song.  “We Are Young” by the band fun.  Yes, their name is Fun.  FUN.  The lyrics in their music are phenomenal – and this particular song is perfect for tempo intervals.  Rockin that tune out on Miss Hot Pink Nano while sporting a Lululemon Power-y Tank and this is the closest I’ve felt to a million bucks in awhile.

“Now I know that I’m not

All that you got

I guess that I

I just thought maybe we could find new ways to fall apart

But our friends are back

So let’s raise a cup

Cause I found someone to carry me home”

Do the world a favor and buy this song on iTunes : conveniently located here.

You’ve been good – treat yourself.



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fine, i’ll do it

Today marks day 1 of Lent.  Every year I contemplate ‘giving something up’ and forgoing said thing for 40 days.  Every year I forget to do it and it passes me by.  In the true spirit of testing my willpower – I’ve decided to take part in this year’s Lent giving-uping and will no longer have ice cream, frozen yogurt, fro-yo, until 40 days from today.  Silly E, you say, ice cream, really?  What a low-ball commitment.  Let me compare it for all of you lovers + friends out there.  My giving up ice cream is the equivalent of a lush giving up Four Lokos.  My joint-slinging sister forgoing a daily chief sesh.  My good friend Bliese giving up coffee.  A nympho abstaining from putting the lime in the coconut and shaking it all up.  

During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxury & that’s exactly what this is – a fast from a luxurious part of life.  On Easter Sunday, I’ll be the girl sitting in the frozen aisle at Cub eating a pint of Half Baked.

Wish me luck.


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weekly iphone pic drop

Deeply rooted in my core is the fact that I despise when people ding my car.  Mr. Chevy was thisclose to being an offender, so I snapped a pic of his license plate – just to freak him out a little.  Heads up, when you ride with me, I hope you got your walking shoes on cuz I park far        away                from                               everyone.

I’m on the search for Minnesota’s best bloody mary – got any ideas?  Please help!

Replacing old fashioned human palm wavers – these overhead mechanic palm fans are wicked.

Towards the top of my “lifes little pleasures” list is covering my head with a super hot piece of clothing fresh out of the dryer.  Ma agrees.

Sometimes it’s nice to see money instead of saving it in an invisible account [also easier to spend, mind you] – I made this jar for my current savings goals.  All worthy.

Solo.  Sushi.  Date.  I make good company for myself.  Time for silence, reflection, and the entire bowl of edamame to myself.

Valentine’s Day gift from mamacita.  New hair clips [praise God!], Dove chocolates, and coconut water – bless her heart.

I’m not the jewelry type of girl – but this charm at a little shop called out my name.  If I ever become a charm bracelet wearer – this will be the first one I spank on there.

Do not – I repeat – do not go see this movie unless you have someone to go home and cuddle with.  #romantic #bigsigh #reflection #reallove

make the most of life – this is the only one you’ve got!


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We all have them – that one song we obsess over for a good 72 hour timeframe.  Mine fluctuate from country to hip hop to instrumental and all across the music genre spectrum.  Currently, my anthem is “Wild Ones” – Flo Rida ft. Sia.  The last couple days have held a solid 4 mile run with this number on loop.

The start of the music video has them skydiving over Dubai for crying out loud.  Sick!!

“Hey I heard you were a wild one.  Oooh.  If I took you home, it’d be a home run.  Show me how you’ll do.  I want to shut down the club with you!”

Done that.



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weekly iphone pic drop

I do promotions. Lots. Want to know how many bottles of Three Olives I have in my possession?  Let’s just say happy hour on me, indefinitely.

Full moons are awesome, one from Tuesday night had this running through my mind.  #creepy

Hot stellar pink nail polish that screams “sometimes I like to be girly but it’s an act, all an act, I swear!

I’m one of those people : a stock watcher.  Apple being one of my tops.  Keep it rocking AAPL lovers : this girl wants 7 figures saved by the time she’s 30. #dreambig

Many a wine labels photographed – creativity finds me in the most random locations – HyVee Liquors in Fairbault…

A defect of mine: forgetting where I park in parking ramps.  I’ve started to snap pics of my surroundings – like billboards I can see from my ramp level.

Swapped the tables at work, the beautiful solid wood ones, I almost begged the driver of this 18-wheeler to drop them off at my place.

Teeth-whitening.  Always feels cool having your face lit up like a scene in Tron.  Hide me.  And those huge bug shades?  Yeah, baby.

Someone should invent a Short Island Iced Tea.  Sometime’s the Long version is just too long for moi [read: too much alcohol].

TGIF lovers,


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top 10 things i’m thankful for right now

I’m getting in the habit of daily recognizing things I’m thankful for.  The more I notice it, the better life seems.  Sometimes I even write it down in my positive journal.  It’s healthy to be thankful, especially when life is so good.

1) friends • through the ups and downs, we stick together,. enough said, they are my rock.

2) puppy kisses • no matter what, he loves me more than i can fathom.

3) running • no better way to relieve stress and clear my mind, i love hitting the pavement.

4) sushi • i would eat sushi everyday if i could… i just might turn into a fish..

5) creative opportunities • i seriously work in some of the most creative realms, i cannot wait to see what 2012 holds.

6) sleep • do i really need to explain this one? i can sleep anytime, anywhere, on any surface.

7) parents • not to be outdone at spot seven, i don’t know what i would do without them. probably melt.

8) sunshine •  a dose of beautiful shiny rays does the skin good. vitamin d, anyone?

9) daydreaming • it’s amazing what your mind will come up with if you put no boundaries, no barriers, no restrictions on your thoughts, i love daydreaming and then tracing it back to the beginning thought.

10) fresh air • maybe it’s just Minnesota, maybe it’s all the lakes, but i love the feeling of fresh air filling my lungs; nothing but pure oxygen; good for the soul.

what are you thankful for?



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join my tribe?

Click on an image to view it larger.  Now taking applications for new tribe mates {ha!}.  Yesterday, I awoke to the most beautiful light dusting of glass sparkle all over the woods.  I had to capture some SpiritHood shots to play with.  Love my hood, love the scenery, love creativity. xo

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sneak peek : spirithood shoot


Yesterday morning, the town woke up to a winter wonderland of phenomenal ice crystals, covering everything. Almost as if we were going to get snow, and at the last minute, God decided, let’s lightly kiss everything with crystals, and let these people wake up to something straight out of Narnia. This is exactly the environment I’ve been waiting months for. The perfect one for my first SpiritHood shoot… xo

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