the latest ush

Busy as a bee!  That is me!  Ready for this week’s iphone pic drop?

An all-natural, organic, wholesome [one of my favorites] spot for lunch, Good Earth.

I renamed this one, his new name is Robér.  Pronounced ‘row-bear’.  He now hails from Italia.

Massages are my indulgence, I found a new favorite.  She has tons of tattoos and rocks my deep muscles.  I’m in love.

Who is that nerd knocking out two hours at the gym devouring issues of Fast Company + reading articles on Facebook’s IPO?  This girl.

Fabulous, free updo courtesy of super hot chick with massage skills [see above].

This movie is one of the best, one of my favorites…. “As you wish.”  So many things I want to say about that quote.

Bruises appear in random places, with no provocation.

Signed, sealed, registered, stoked.  Vancouver, BC here I come!

I could eat them everyday – if my mom says that’s okay.

This week was so filled with crazy, awesome adventures.  From studio creative meetings, to taking fun pictures, interviewing for a new job (this would be #4 folks: Apple, studio, promotions, and hopefully _____________.)  The second round of interviews included answering the following question in 30 seconds: “You are a door-to-door saleswoman, you have half a minute to sell us your hampster cage air fresheners.”  It took me a good 10 seconds to get my composure {giggles}.  HOW AWESOME ARE THEY!?  I hope to some day be able to interview potentials with hilarious and off-the-wall questions such as those.  Maybe “You have to give yourself a new name – superhero style, and tell me what kind of tattoo you’d get if you were forced to get one.  Ready go.  Ten seconds.”  On the spot creative thinking is quickly becoming one of my favorite styles of communication.  Ha!

The SeaWheeze has been signed up for – there are a handful of interested ladies this time around, including but not limited to – promotions ladies {M.G. & Salt}, maybe even an Apple lady {C.M.}, hopefully my best lady {K.L.}  Either way, I’m beyond excited, ready, and already looking forward to this adventure in seven months.  Traveling, running, new locations, the beautiful Vancouver, and being surrounded by inspiring Lululemon lovers?  What is there not to like?

Now that I have the Weekly iPhone Pic Drop down, my next implementation is to become a Daymaker.  I used to hang out with this fun, nice, kind, inspiring guy awhile ago, and we had this phenomenal idea to be Daymakers.  More on that later.

How do you like my latest design?  It is a spin-off of the Eminem/Rihanna hit.  I want to print it on a thick card stock for writing love letters to my favorites: paired with sky blue envelopes, of course.








Holy moly I am blessed for this busy, indulgent, creative, fast-paced, phenomenal life that I live.

What will you do with your wild and precious life?


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