top 10 things i’m thankful for right now

I’m getting in the habit of daily recognizing things I’m thankful for.  The more I notice it, the better life seems.  Sometimes I even write it down in my positive journal.  It’s healthy to be thankful, especially when life is so good.

1) friends • through the ups and downs, we stick together,. enough said, they are my rock.

2) puppy kisses • no matter what, he loves me more than i can fathom.

3) running • no better way to relieve stress and clear my mind, i love hitting the pavement.

4) sushi • i would eat sushi everyday if i could… i just might turn into a fish..

5) creative opportunities • i seriously work in some of the most creative realms, i cannot wait to see what 2012 holds.

6) sleep • do i really need to explain this one? i can sleep anytime, anywhere, on any surface.

7) parents • not to be outdone at spot seven, i don’t know what i would do without them. probably melt.

8) sunshine •  a dose of beautiful shiny rays does the skin good. vitamin d, anyone?

9) daydreaming • it’s amazing what your mind will come up with if you put no boundaries, no barriers, no restrictions on your thoughts, i love daydreaming and then tracing it back to the beginning thought.

10) fresh air • maybe it’s just Minnesota, maybe it’s all the lakes, but i love the feeling of fresh air filling my lungs; nothing but pure oxygen; good for the soul.

what are you thankful for?



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