weekly iphone pic drop

I do promotions. Lots. Want to know how many bottles of Three Olives I have in my possession?  Let’s just say happy hour on me, indefinitely.

Full moons are awesome, one from Tuesday night had this running through my mind.  #creepy

Hot stellar pink nail polish that screams “sometimes I like to be girly but it’s an act, all an act, I swear!

I’m one of those people : a stock watcher.  Apple being one of my tops.  Keep it rocking AAPL lovers : this girl wants 7 figures saved by the time she’s 30. #dreambig

Many a wine labels photographed – creativity finds me in the most random locations – HyVee Liquors in Fairbault…

A defect of mine: forgetting where I park in parking ramps.  I’ve started to snap pics of my surroundings – like billboards I can see from my ramp level.

Swapped the tables at work, the beautiful solid wood ones, I almost begged the driver of this 18-wheeler to drop them off at my place.

Teeth-whitening.  Always feels cool having your face lit up like a scene in Tron.  Hide me.  And those huge bug shades?  Yeah, baby.

Someone should invent a Short Island Iced Tea.  Sometime’s the Long version is just too long for moi [read: too much alcohol].

TGIF lovers,


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