fine, i’ll do it

Today marks day 1 of Lent.  Every year I contemplate ‘giving something up’ and forgoing said thing for 40 days.  Every year I forget to do it and it passes me by.  In the true spirit of testing my willpower – I’ve decided to take part in this year’s Lent giving-uping and will no longer have ice cream, frozen yogurt, fro-yo, until 40 days from today.  Silly E, you say, ice cream, really?  What a low-ball commitment.  Let me compare it for all of you lovers + friends out there.  My giving up ice cream is the equivalent of a lush giving up Four Lokos.  My joint-slinging sister forgoing a daily chief sesh.  My good friend Bliese giving up coffee.  A nympho abstaining from putting the lime in the coconut and shaking it all up.  

During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxury & that’s exactly what this is – a fast from a luxurious part of life.  On Easter Sunday, I’ll be the girl sitting in the frozen aisle at Cub eating a pint of Half Baked.

Wish me luck.


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