weekly iphone pic drop

Wings.  My new add-on accessory for going out.

I’m pretty sure my favorite meal to have made for me is breakfast.  This creation is my own.  Ten-grain pancakes with blueberries, bananas & agave nectar.

Pulling out from my parking spot – I see this young man, a valiant chauffeur awaiting his direction.  [it was 34 degrees and he was seated in a ray of sunshine].

My lunch date.  Courtesy of Groupon.  Agave Kitchen in Hudson.  Chips & salsa + laughter = win.

Call me crazy but I’m not very good at car washes – I never line up the wheels right.  Plus, 1/2 dozen failed attempts at going through them with the Solera [picture this: Niagra Fall-style water shooting through the loose convertible top] has me scarred.  It’s a work in progress.

Establishments that place a garbage can next to the door so I can throw away my paper towel used to open the handle, are my favorite.  #happypatron

Once upon a time, I loved smart cars.  Friends & family thought I was out of my mind.  Walking to my car I saw this – so great!  HIGH IQ license plate + NASA bumper sticker + smart car = they’re asking for it.

Oliver.  Robér.  Muffin Head.  Little One.  This guy will sit with me through Netflix marathons, magazine collaging, Photoshopping, even as I run on the ancient treadmill in the basement.  Such a P.I.C.

World’s best salsa.  Created by yours truly.  Try to have just one scoop – I dare you.  It’s not possible.

This weekend is filled with promotions, work, laughter, running, and friends.

Pumped.  Stoked.  Ready.


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