A Must.

I have watched too many scary movies.  I can’t help it.  I get a thrill from having the crap scared out of me.  Now I prefer to sleep furthest from the door – just in case someone breaks in – there is hopefully someone in between me and the door who can fight first.  Usually I check the locks more than the average human being.  Call it OCD or call it being prepared.  Last night we had an interesting conversation at work – which involved a new must in this generation of killers, murderers, sociopaths.

We should be able to text 911 in case we’re hiding from a serial killer and don’t want them to hear us.

Most all of us have our cell phones near us at all time – some of us more than we should (no names mentioned here).

Having a text option for alerting police is a must.  Spread the word.



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