weekly iPhone pic drop

This company makes some pretty wicked accessories for all things Apple.  And their marketing is ingenious.

Mountains capped with snow on my way to LA.  Window seat and a chick flick on the iPad.  #happycamper

My fortune.  Usually these don’t pertain to me.  This one did.  Loud and clear.

Sony Pictures Entertainment.  What I wouldn’t give to have a backstage tour.  Check out the size of these new release posters!

Don’t leave me mama!  How can I leave this little nugget?

A beautifully creative woman named Jen from Scottsdale designs my favorite carry-on bag, it’s a Soul Carrier.  Wicked.

At a local farmer’s market inside The Grove is a coffee cafe called Short Cake.  I indulged in Aunt Nancy’s Shakerato.  I’m not sure who Nancy is, but her caffeinated drink [shaken, not stirred] contained at least 4 shots of espresso magic that took me from sleepy head to HELLO LA! in record time.

Is this a nostalgic image, or what?  This location is straight out of a dozen movies we’ve seen.  On this overcast day, it fit perfectly with my mood.

I can’t get enough of this ocean, those waves, the sand & jogging surfers. Beautiful.

This weekend I’m stationed in LA [el-ay] where the celebrities go crazy and the city never sleeps.  I’m visiting a good friend from work who relocated here recently.  The second half of my adventure involves cheering on one of the best girl’s I’ve ever known, Miss Kates, as she runs her first marathon.

I remember my first [and only] marathon – and think back to how much better it would have been if I had a bigger cheering section.  I’m proud as hell and will take many pictures of Sunday’s festivities at the LA Marathon.

Before I go, I have a quick tip for all you fellow iPhone lovers out there.  You know those times when you type a crazy word such as “bangarang”, “totes” or maybe, just once, you mistakenly used “craycray” in a sentence?  Fear not – make your iPhone forget you typed that by doing the following: reset the user dictionary.

First, go into Settings.

Click on General.

Click on Reset.

Tap “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”.

Tap the red button labeled Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

This will reset the User Dictionary to the factory default.

No more accidentally typing ‘megadeath’ when I’m trying to say ‘Megan’.  Woot!

Cheers from not-so-sunny LA!


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