All about the Benjamins.

Since I was 14, I learned what it means to save money.  To invest, also.  I ended up buying my first stock that year (AAPL).  As terrible as I am at math, I truly understood what compounding interest was – even at that age.  I credit my mom & dad with sharing the knowledge and “value of a dollar”.  I think I’m the only one us three girls that actually got it.  Keep in mind, math has never been my favorite but I’m not as confused as her & it is a work in progress.

Now, speaking of money.  And saving.  I have a few things on the docket that I’ve begun to save for.  Most of them travels.  If I put them in writing – I’m more likely to make good on them.

  • Flight to Seattle.  Train to Vancouver.  Lululemon SeaWheeze 2012.  – $450
  • Girls Trip to Chicago – August 2012 [travel, party, crazy].  – $300
  • Flight to Dublin, Ireland.  September 2012.  – $780
  • Lululemon In Stride Jacket.  Size 6.  [this one’s on there in case I win the lottery].  – $108

A few ways I’m implementing cutting costs in my life are as follows:

  • Bike to work [saves gas.  saves polar bears.  extra workout.]
  • Only going out to eat if I have a BOGO, LivingSocial, OpenTable dining Cheque, it’s happy hour, etc [or someone else is paying… hehe]
  • Not drinking at dinner’s out.  It’s an amazing way to wake up not broke.  A nice dinner without alcohol is like having an invisible 1/2 off coupon to the world’s greatest restaurants.  You will be shocked and delighted when the bill arrives – almost like every meal is secretly sponsored by Groupon.  My recommendation – stash a bottle of wine [one of the many Trader Joe’s ones sitting on my desk] & two glasses in your car- find a nice spot to enjoy a few glasses [out of sight] and get your buzz on.

The list will continue to grow as I get creative.  Saving money is a forte of mine – I just need to be more conscious of it.  And don’t we all?  A kick butt website I’ve spent a bit of time on is 20somethingfinance.  Check it out.  Get enlightened.

Cheers to saving monies,


P.S.  Oh yeah, one more thing, check out this little swift chick.  Isn’t she to die for?

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One thought on “All about the Benjamins.

  1. If you still have your Apple stock you could be pretty rich now 🙂

    I use some of your money-saving methods as well, including bringing my own lunch. (unlike most of my coworkers!) I do wish I lived closer to work though so I could bike.

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