weekly iPhone pic drop

Friday night was intense.  This is the result.  As well as a plethora of incriminating videos filled with hilarious statements, such as, “So that’s how Pixar does it.”

Found a beautiful quote on the sidewalk : ‘Not like fire.  Nothing flaming or even potentially aflame.  Nothing caught up with danger.  Nothing racing to take control or possessions or no prisoners.  No, our love was never like that.’

A murder happened in the back hallway at work.  Mango = love = murder.

Notice this little man?  The groomer chopped the long fur, and he is much easier to cuddle these days sans long somewhat matted fur.

I spent the morning at the Lexus dealership where I was privvy to a phenomenal customer service experience.  Plush theater seating while I watched the news and nursed my hangover.  And did I mention they washed the inside & outside of my car – and filled up my tank?  #appreciative

Three hooded, guacamole & Corona-lovers are pounding the hell out of our house as we speak.  Starting at 7:15am they have nonstop been showing the siding who is boss.  This is where I get down on my knees, kiss the ground and thank God for Advil.

An old game like this becomes MUCH harder after a few sips of Loopy.  Funny how that works.

This ray of light?  I call that a “God cloud”.  That house below is either getting blessed or smited.  Hopefully the latter.

A new piece of decor in the house.  These quotes are daily reminders that we really have one heck of a journey under our belts.


What does my weekend hold, you ask?  A travel to southern Winona for promotions of the Three Olives sort, work at the Mango Store, creative-brainstorming at the studio – a few runs, a prolonged period of sun-worshipping, a few cocktails, hummus, laughter, and hopefully a lazy Sunday.

Cheers and much love to all the best followers,



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