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weekly iPhone pic drop

Traffic.  I cannot stand thee.  That alone is one of the biggest reasons I want to work for myself, be my own boss, have my own business.  I refuse to spend 1/2 my life driving to and from a job in a car.

The value of wine is still beyond my comprehension.  I taste a $4 organic merlot from Trader Joe’s and it tastes just as good as a $65 bottle from Seven.  Maybe my taste buds are not meant to critique vino.  I just don’t get how some people can value these bottles in the hundreds of dollars… we are talking about fermented grapes, right?  Maybe I’d be better off drinking Welch’s.  I can confidently speak to the body, bouquets and undertones of that stuff all day.

Meet world’s craziest dog.  He can go from in-a-coma-sleeping to throw-the-ball-throw-the-ball-I-won’t-leave-you-alone-until-you-throw-that-damn-ball in less than 2 seconds.  World record holder right here!!

Perhaps I’ll find the man of my dreams amongst the contestants at this local competition.  Five years from now, I can see my future cocktail parties, “Hey honey, show Scott and Katie that new yo-yo trick you’ve been working on.” #nerd

Sometimes I think coffee needs to be given up.  Completely.  I tend to get a headache without my daily cup, and I truly don’t want to be dependent on this to function.  I’m whittling my way down to the bare minimum.  I went from having a cup of coffee with soy milk and a splash of vanilla.  To a cup of coffee with soymilk.  To a cup of coffee on the rocks.  Pretty soon I will not be able to stand drinking it straight, and forced to exile it.  That will help me appreciate the beauty of an Icy Nuts from Bull Run on a random Sunday.

I love mail.  Preferably handwritten letters and magazines.  I try my hardest to send something in the mail versus email.  Although, sometimes speed & efficiency does trump old-fashioned and meaningful.  I don’t want snail mail to become obsolete.  Please, oh, please, King USPS!

The other night I saw this on the ground and for some reason, immediately reminded of that scene when the snobby lady says, “there’s been a murder…”… go now and enjoy the comedy of Ace Venture When Nature Calls

My front seat speaks to the level of chaos in my life.  Running shoes, Toms, and yellow sneaks for work… not enough time in the day to drive home and switch them out, may as well carry them all!  Time is money – right?

On account of loving handmade and custom things, I made a small going away card for a close friend.  I would rather make it than pay Hallmark $4 for a mediocre one.  Plus, who doesn’t love dinosaurs?  I used to be obsessed with Dinotopia.  That’s right, screw Pogs.  I would rather pretend I lived at a time when a peaceful prehistoric world is discovered.

Ending thoughts: life is good.  God is good.  Everyday.


Wishlist:  Yes, men’s.  S/M

Listening to:  Best Disney song of all time.

Dreaming of:  A new playmate for Oliver.

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we juice.

I have to share this with the world.  We have become juicers.  Juicers!  Apples, carrots, strawberries, kiwi, oranges, kale, everything.  The juicer I’m using is the Breville Dual Disc Juice Processor, it’s a little spendy {$400} but holy crap is it efficient!  It can juice 15 apple/carrot pieces in less than a minute.

The leftover pulp can be used in pancakes, scones, muffins, or other goodness.  If you want, go ahead and compost it.  Just make sure to be a little discreet in your placement… don’t want your neighbors and guests wondering who is barfing all over your landscaping.

There are other cheaper alternatives, just make sure you do a little research… some will break down after two weeks of use.  It’s an investment in your health and posterity people!

This officially beats paying Jamba Juice $6 each time I want something fabulous to sip!





top: lululemon scoop neck tank

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weekly iPhone pic drop

It was time to get new shoes.  Yesterday I made the trip down to Runner’s Gate with my Groupon in hand [deal!].  I have bought shoes there before and one of the reasons I love this shop is their attention to detail.  I try on 6 different shoes, walk around the indoor track and my gait is critiqued… the prettiest color doesn’t win… it’s the ones that work for my stride.  Say hello to my new pair of saucony’s.  Many a mile await us.

Ever heard of a fabulously truthful spoken word lady named Andrea Gibson?  Me neither, until I was dragged to an event of hers last weekend [I owe you one, S, really].  She is a breath of fresh air.  I would MUCH rather listen to poems being screamed and shouted and painfully described thru a microphone with hand gestures than read them on a piece of paper.  She is phenomenally talented, this is one of my favorite of hers.  Listen past the first 17 seconds of scatting: you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Anniversary to Masu – my favorite sushi joint in all of MN.  $1 sake shots all around!

A good friend of mine insists on drowning olives in beer and consuming them afterwards.  Now I, too, enjoy this tradition.  [sodium whore].

Ever seen one of these?  A lip chap dispenser?  I’ve seen candy, and pop, and iPods for crying out loud.  But this right here takes the cake.  As a fellow lip chap aficionado… this is a vending machine that belongs in every mall across the world.  Try going a day without applying lip chap… its. not. possible.  #convenience #necessity

We are juicing people.  We are becoming JUICE fanatics!  The juicer is borrowed from my super healthy and inspiring Aunt Beth – but I’m on my way to purchasing my own.  That thing whips up a crazy awesome concoction of carrots, celery, apples, strawberries – into fiber and antioxidant packed gloriousness.  Why did I not do this sooner than the age of 24?

Check out mother nature’s wrath.  I love the cloud concoction she displays over our lake on stormy days.  Brutal.

One pedicure coming right up [LivingSocial].  I don’t care if I can’t understand the words they speak so quickly to one another.  Just massage my calves, paint my nails, and send me on my way.  Love ya.

Kettlebells.  My new favorite exercise buddies!  Picked these up at the local Sports Authority (15% off + $10 Sunday paper coupon…booyah!).  This is my favorite Kettlebell exercise as of late.  Right now I’m rocking out the Hater6 because it’s taking me a bit to work up to the 8s…. but I’ll get there…. BexLife kicks butt!  Try the Hater8!

Last night I was going through emails, one of which was a weekly Kickstarter newsletter.  Check out this guy.  He is a husband and father.  With some seriously talented sketching skills.  I pledged his project and cannot wait to get my hands on a signed copy of his new book, The Antler Boy and Other Stories.  For $25 – you bet I’ll support someone with this skill!

Have a beautiful week!
Happy holidays to my 4/20s 🙂


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weekly iphone pic drop

How cute is this TurtleMan?  Wicked designs on his belly shell.  If I was in to aquariums and bugs I’d keep him.  But I’m not, so off you go TurtleMan.

Check out this loyalty discount.  $15 off gas – that’s .95 cents a gallon.  Buy groceries, get cents off gas.  It’s easy enough people, don’t make me give you the stink eye when you’re buying that tub of Rocky Road and pkg of beef jerky and the checkout gal says “Do you have a Roundy’s card?”  Get the damn card, swipe it when you buy food, and save money at the pump.  With savings like this, I’ll be loyal for-ev-a.

Sometimes I find neato companies that I never would have fallen upon.  A website called Fab has a weekly newsletter they send out with unique offers.  This one is called Bananappeal.  Delicious, all-natural banana-based desserts that show up on your doorstep in freakin adorable packaging.

Doctors.  Offices.  Freak.  Me.  Out.  I always think they’re going to spontaneously require blood work or a new round of mumps/measles/rubella/PMS shots.  Needles are my biggest fear, right up there with spiders and being attacked by a bad guy.  The sooner I’m in and then out, the better.  I’d rather have my checkups done via Skype… is that an option yet?  They can’t stick me with needles thru my webcam.

Walking places and biking places – I always have my eyes peeled.  Someday I’m going to come across a motherload of cash.  Dirty money.  Money that the owner shouldn’t have had in the first place and you know what I might do?  Book the soonest flight out to BoraBora.  Rent one of those water bungalows and spend a minimum of 10 days soaking up the sun and being adventurous.  Consuming copious amounts of rum runners and belly dancing on the beach under the stars.  For now, I’m stuck finding smushed treasures like these eyeglasses.

Today, I tore my yoga pants.  Right down the crotch.  I know what you’re thinking… I got WAY too much use out of those puppies.  I’m what you would call a yoga-pants-lover.  It’s a common condition found in younger women.  I love yoga pants.  Love them.  I don’t care what color, if I can stretch and run and sleep and work and play in them, I will wear them.  Thank heavens there is a Victoria Secret located directly above my “fun” job.  I picked myself up a new pair, and we’re back in business.

Some people make fun of me for carrying around a planner when I have my iPhone.  But you know what?  I would rather cross out and highlight and white out and scribble on paper than use iCal.  I know, it’s one of the 7 Apple sins.  Sue me.  Where else would I be able to doodle daily inspiration such as this?

Last night I saw FUN in concert.  We are FUN.  They are FUN.  Not only are they Fun, they are freaking unbelievable and one of the better bands I’ve listened to in my lifetime.  Remember when I talked about them here?  The lyrics are great and they make me smile on the inside.  I will jump around in a crowd of hipsters and get super sweaty while screaming my head off listening to them on stage anytime.  One of the top three concerts so far.

This picture is meant to make you smile.  I am SO glad I didn’t take Oliver to get puppy dog braces (I know, right? They have those? Weird.)  His overbite makes his little pink tongue stick out when he sleeps.  Too damn cute.

Here are a few things I think you should check out.  One would be this guy on Kickstarter.  Max.  More specifically, one of his past projects.  I will purchase it when they’re back in stock and blog about them – almost like Apples to Apples but better.

And this man decided at age 70 to start exercising.  It’s never too late people!  Move that hiney!

Time to go drink Hendricks, be merry, and appreciate this life that I’m living.

I suggest you do the same.


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weekly iPhone pic drop

Funny how even as your kitchen is torn apart & the momentum in the house at the chaos level, the paper towel roll always ends up in the same spot it has sat for the last 23 years.

Nice weather means time to bike.  My goal is to bike at least once a week (preferably twice [out of 3]) to work… thank God for my Timbuk2 bag that holds my all my stuff.

Who knew the proper way to cut a grapefruit from the peel?  Not this girl – thanks to Jeyk in LA for teaching me a lesson.

Sometimes, on a lazy day, when I’m feeling supportive.  I like to peruse shops on Etsy in search of something I totally don’t need.  I’ll buy something for the sheer sake of supporting a fellow creative human-being in their passions.  Like this lip chap, to add to my 60 other lip chaps [because lip chap is a must].

This is hands down my favorite sports bra, courtesy of Lululemon.

Our house is a construction zone – hard hat not needed.  But that bowl of Cheerios?  Please, go rinse it in the sink and dump the leftover o’s in the toilet while the remodel is in limbo.  K thanks.

Every time I walk through Macy’s I see Martha Stuart is up to no good.  Her wares are beautiful, vintage, colorful, and totally unnecessary.  But that adorable Berry Colander?  I can’t live without it.

“I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.  I got a love and I know that it’s all mine, oh….”

Two days straight of Flavor Auditions.  And being a sneaky spy listening as people sing their heart out in the studio at the back of our 18-wheeler Pepsi X-Factor mobile.

And the beat goes on,


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