weekly iphone pic drop

How cute is this TurtleMan?  Wicked designs on his belly shell.  If I was in to aquariums and bugs I’d keep him.  But I’m not, so off you go TurtleMan.

Check out this loyalty discount.  $15 off gas – that’s .95 cents a gallon.  Buy groceries, get cents off gas.  It’s easy enough people, don’t make me give you the stink eye when you’re buying that tub of Rocky Road and pkg of beef jerky and the checkout gal says “Do you have a Roundy’s card?”  Get the damn card, swipe it when you buy food, and save money at the pump.  With savings like this, I’ll be loyal for-ev-a.

Sometimes I find neato companies that I never would have fallen upon.  A website called Fab has a weekly newsletter they send out with unique offers.  This one is called Bananappeal.  Delicious, all-natural banana-based desserts that show up on your doorstep in freakin adorable packaging.

Doctors.  Offices.  Freak.  Me.  Out.  I always think they’re going to spontaneously require blood work or a new round of mumps/measles/rubella/PMS shots.  Needles are my biggest fear, right up there with spiders and being attacked by a bad guy.  The sooner I’m in and then out, the better.  I’d rather have my checkups done via Skype… is that an option yet?  They can’t stick me with needles thru my webcam.

Walking places and biking places – I always have my eyes peeled.  Someday I’m going to come across a motherload of cash.  Dirty money.  Money that the owner shouldn’t have had in the first place and you know what I might do?  Book the soonest flight out to BoraBora.  Rent one of those water bungalows and spend a minimum of 10 days soaking up the sun and being adventurous.  Consuming copious amounts of rum runners and belly dancing on the beach under the stars.  For now, I’m stuck finding smushed treasures like these eyeglasses.

Today, I tore my yoga pants.  Right down the crotch.  I know what you’re thinking… I got WAY too much use out of those puppies.  I’m what you would call a yoga-pants-lover.  It’s a common condition found in younger women.  I love yoga pants.  Love them.  I don’t care what color, if I can stretch and run and sleep and work and play in them, I will wear them.  Thank heavens there is a Victoria Secret located directly above my “fun” job.  I picked myself up a new pair, and we’re back in business.

Some people make fun of me for carrying around a planner when I have my iPhone.  But you know what?  I would rather cross out and highlight and white out and scribble on paper than use iCal.  I know, it’s one of the 7 Apple sins.  Sue me.  Where else would I be able to doodle daily inspiration such as this?

Last night I saw FUN in concert.  We are FUN.  They are FUN.  Not only are they Fun, they are freaking unbelievable and one of the better bands I’ve listened to in my lifetime.  Remember when I talked about them here?  The lyrics are great and they make me smile on the inside.  I will jump around in a crowd of hipsters and get super sweaty while screaming my head off listening to them on stage anytime.  One of the top three concerts so far.

This picture is meant to make you smile.  I am SO glad I didn’t take Oliver to get puppy dog braces (I know, right? They have those? Weird.)  His overbite makes his little pink tongue stick out when he sleeps.  Too damn cute.

Here are a few things I think you should check out.  One would be this guy on Kickstarter.  Max.  More specifically, one of his past projects.  I will purchase it when they’re back in stock and blog about them – almost like Apples to Apples but better.

And this man decided at age 70 to start exercising.  It’s never too late people!  Move that hiney!

Time to go drink Hendricks, be merry, and appreciate this life that I’m living.

I suggest you do the same.


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One thought on “weekly iphone pic drop

  1. Megan Chinander says:

    Can I just say I ❤ you and the fact that you do this every week! I look forward to reading it and many times find myself checking out the websites you suggest! Thanks for making me smile with your amazing words!

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