weekly iPhone pic drop

It was time to get new shoes.  Yesterday I made the trip down to Runner’s Gate with my Groupon in hand [deal!].  I have bought shoes there before and one of the reasons I love this shop is their attention to detail.  I try on 6 different shoes, walk around the indoor track and my gait is critiqued… the prettiest color doesn’t win… it’s the ones that work for my stride.  Say hello to my new pair of saucony’s.  Many a mile await us.

Ever heard of a fabulously truthful spoken word lady named Andrea Gibson?  Me neither, until I was dragged to an event of hers last weekend [I owe you one, S, really].  She is a breath of fresh air.  I would MUCH rather listen to poems being screamed and shouted and painfully described thru a microphone with hand gestures than read them on a piece of paper.  She is phenomenally talented, this is one of my favorite of hers.  Listen past the first 17 seconds of scatting: you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Anniversary to Masu – my favorite sushi joint in all of MN.  $1 sake shots all around!

A good friend of mine insists on drowning olives in beer and consuming them afterwards.  Now I, too, enjoy this tradition.  [sodium whore].

Ever seen one of these?  A lip chap dispenser?  I’ve seen candy, and pop, and iPods for crying out loud.  But this right here takes the cake.  As a fellow lip chap aficionado… this is a vending machine that belongs in every mall across the world.  Try going a day without applying lip chap… its. not. possible.  #convenience #necessity

We are juicing people.  We are becoming JUICE fanatics!  The juicer is borrowed from my super healthy and inspiring Aunt Beth – but I’m on my way to purchasing my own.  That thing whips up a crazy awesome concoction of carrots, celery, apples, strawberries – into fiber and antioxidant packed gloriousness.  Why did I not do this sooner than the age of 24?

Check out mother nature’s wrath.  I love the cloud concoction she displays over our lake on stormy days.  Brutal.

One pedicure coming right up [LivingSocial].  I don’t care if I can’t understand the words they speak so quickly to one another.  Just massage my calves, paint my nails, and send me on my way.  Love ya.

Kettlebells.  My new favorite exercise buddies!  Picked these up at the local Sports Authority (15% off + $10 Sunday paper coupon…booyah!).  This is my favorite Kettlebell exercise as of late.  Right now I’m rocking out the Hater6 because it’s taking me a bit to work up to the 8s…. but I’ll get there…. BexLife kicks butt!  Try the Hater8!

Last night I was going through emails, one of which was a weekly Kickstarter newsletter.  Check out this guy.  He is a husband and father.  With some seriously talented sketching skills.  I pledged his project and cannot wait to get my hands on a signed copy of his new book, The Antler Boy and Other Stories.  For $25 – you bet I’ll support someone with this skill!

Have a beautiful week!
Happy holidays to my 4/20s 🙂


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2 thoughts on “weekly iPhone pic drop

  1. agent44 says:

    Hey! Thanks for the plug and for backing. I really appreciate it.

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