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weekly iPhone pic drop

My girlfriend Carley has a father.  Carley’s father has bees.  Many bees.  So many that he has made honey!  Check it out!  Hardwood Creek Honey produced in Hugo, MN.  I got my hands on my very own honey jug and will not deny taking a shot of this sweet stuff on my car ride home.  Poured straight down the hatch.

Timbuk2 makes awesome bags.  This is a Small Classic Messenger with custom panels.  I almost went with Bob Marley colors but decided against it.  This fits all of my most important things – Coach clutch, day planner, EOS lip chap, and Q-Tips.

Check out my newest creation, Banana Bars – I have yet to hear a negative comment.  Pop these babies in the fridge, everything’s better slightly chilled.  The recipe calls for 1 cup of mashed banans, make the right choice and put in at least 3 cups of mashed ‘nanas.  After all, that’s what we’re showcasing, right?

This little latte baby is Trey.  Beautiful skin, beautiful hair, the deepest, darkest brown eyes you will ever see.  Besos.

I’ve never had a blow out.  I’m not sure what they are but Sex and the City and every other girlie girl on the planet swears by them.  Apparently there is a new bar coming to MN – Blast Blow Dry Bar.  I’m in – I’ll try anything once (within reason).

Two-toned hair is what I’m currently rocking.  Except for – I don’t dye my hair.  So – where did the black come from?  Mixes and mingles well with the dark brown color… was not expecting this stranger.

The bruises leftover from last week’s Tough Mudder adventure make me look like I’m in an abusive relationship.  The guy at Valvoline Oil gave me a side glance when I handed him my credit card and I assured him, “No, this is not from a beating… I got my ass handed to me at Tough Mudder last weekend.”

Listen up juicers.  I’ve got a new trick for you.  Give this Spark juice a try.  After a night of drinking or after a night of overindulging with Burger Jones.  It will flush your system like a charm.  Spark is easy to remember – it stands for: Spinach, Pineapple, Apple, Romaine, and Kale.

Nugget over here is ready to play after wearing his shock-collar all day.  Good Lord it’s hard to put the collar on him when he looks so.damn.cute!

In other news:

I’m a lefty.  Always have been, always will be.  I follow a blog called The Time Is Write and her post recently about left-handed people had me crying I was laughing so hard.  I highly recommend it.

My current Kickstarter interest is 999Bottles.  They have designed a sexy, sleek, water bottle.  It helps you track and visualize the positive impact you can have on the environment by drinking from a re-usable bottle instead of a disposable one.  The stainless steel bottle features a clever three numbered dial along its length to help you track how many times you re-use it.  I’m all for saving the polar bears, this makes it more noticeable and stays at the forefront of my mind.

Time for sushi.  Lots of it.


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timeline creative

Every now and again (hopefully once a week) I want to update my Facebook Timeline image.

Here is the first one I ever made:

The one below, I posted yesterday.  As you can see – I’m clearly in the mood to kick some ass.  And I love Lady Gaga’s music.

Get on with your bad self.  xo

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weekly iPhone pic drop

NEWS FLASH: Jimmy John’s no longer makes their sandwiches with sprouts. I know – deep breath. I was baffled, too. Alas, we will survive. JJ’s still rocks. Grab a #6 or #12, I’ll bring the sprouts.

I’ve never had the interest in dropping major dough on Louis Vuitton products, but their marketing is bomb. I really love how they design their graphics. Not enough to buy anything (which is opposite of their intention) BUT, I appreciate beautiful design!

Dan, a good friend from high school, has hopefully fixed his knee on what is his fourth and last surgery : a meniscus transplant. Isn’t that weird to think about? He was placed on a transplant list and waited for someone with a decent/comparable meniscus to die – in order to have the surgery. His recovery is moving right along with the help of a fabulous new crutch called the Mobilegs.

Things happen for a reason. Everything does. I’m sure of it. The other day I walked past a window display with this quote and smiled because

Finally, FINALLY, I have learned the proper way to secure my bike when it’s my transportation method to work. Kryptonite Success! (don’t judge!)

Currently this is my go-to power breakfast. French Meadow Organic Blueberry Bagel with berry spread and bananas.

Fortune cookie fail. Dropped it right into a glass of water. This has all sorts of bad luck tied to it.

Saturday I became part of the Tough Mudder family. We scaled walls, we mud crawled, we laughed until we cried. The whole Tough Mudder experience was one of the hardest (maybe harder than the Twin Cities Marathon) and best events ever. We have considered a December trip to the Tampa Florida Mudder… hoorah!

Sometimes it is worth a 60 second break. A sky-ward glance. A grateful sigh. Life is good.

Cheers to adventure,

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I’d be lying

This whole week has given me more than I care to think about. I don’t have a weekly iPhone pic drop prepared. Too much on my mind.

Later, I will play catch up.

For now, the silences are measured in Adele songs.

Everything happens for a reason.

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weekly iPhone pic drop

Sometimes I take a pic and it looks like one of two things – this fabulous glass of merlot with my lady friend on a beautiful afternoon kinda looks like a pond of water.

Oliver is on a mission to get that damn chipmunk or so help him!  Run Chip!

One more wine experience this past week, Hey Mambo is perfect for a meal with pasta, give it a go.  The label is beautiful, the price is right.

In the past, I haven’t been a huge fan of Chelsea Handler.  But lately (no pun intended), she’s made me laugh more often then not.  Standing in line at Whole Foods the other day, her mag cover caught my eye.  Gorgeous.

Crafty way to design a bottle cap for maple syrup, me likey.  Now I need to invest in this griddle.

Mark Thursday night as the first bonfire evening.  We have a pretty nice location, lake-side, plenty of loon calls and wood logs to lounge on until the wee hours when all that’s left are smoking embers and sleepyheads.  Want an invite to the next one?  It’s BYOW (weiners).

I will never get tired of sunsets.  Is there such a thing as an ugly sunset?  Not possible.  All I’ve seen lately are cotton-candy, fairytale looking ones and I seize all activity until they disappear into the evening sky.  I recommend you don’t take them for granted.

Our back hallway is a scary dungeon sometimes… getting product from Remote 2 makes me feel as though I’m in a thriller about to be murdered.  I know, I’m warped.

The past three days have been filled with working the Diet Pepsi Surprise and Delight Mother’s Day event throughout Minneapolis.  We ribbon-tied daisies, filled bags with coupons & bottles of Diet Pepsi.  Then we surprised moms all over with $100 SpaFinder gift certificates.  I love surprising people!  Especially mothers!  This is why promotions still rock in my book.

Time to snuggle up and watch The Vow with the most important woman in my life.  Mama.


a fearless dreamer
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weekly iPhone pic drop

Yes, I got another massage.  This is my guilty pleasure.  The only way I can afford them is by using a Groupon/LivingSocial, etc.  Anyway – I visited a fabulous little spa in the middle of nowhere called Belle Amie.  It is a super small, very luxurious little spa.  The woman who runs it, I think, is whom gave me my 75 minute hot stone massage and she was terrific- super pleasant to work with!  In the adjoining bathroom I found this contraption.  I don’t know if it is for having a water massage, a water birth, or a full body shower, car-wash style… but I wanted to jump in!

Three giant bags, one almost gone.  This is the new house favorite.  Skinny Pop is one of those snacks you cannot stop at one bowl.  You must have at least, but not limited to, three.  Lo and behold, they sell it at Costco (parents favorite shopping spot) – please don’t judge that we keep this brand in business.

Naughty coffee.  This is what I call a naughty coffee.  A Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with Soy Milk from Starbucks.  Once in a while, on a bad day, or on an exceptionally great day – I make it a Naughty Coffee Day.  Ringing in at a whopping $5.15, I indulge in this vice sparingly.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Once, when we were younger, one of us girls (three daughters) bit into the interior leather of our Isuzu Trooper.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe we were hangry.  To determine the culprit, my father made us all bite into an apple to compare teeth marks to the damage.  He is SUCH a smart thinker.  Wise guy, that man.  For some reason, this late night PB&J small bite, big bite snapshot reminded me of the good old days.

Houston, we have bluebirds.  Check out these neat little eggs.  How did they get blue-colored?  Hey, is there a magician dying eggs year round that we should know about?

Wine labels have a new friend on the “places I gather design inspiration” list.  Shoe boxes!

My girlfriend invited me to a prescreening of Avengers.  I can’t honestly say I followed the whole story, but I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics, the colors, the outfits, and ass-kicking.  I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Pineapple is  I’m a champion at cutting them – and will consume this fruit until the citrus brutally conquers my mouth.

A little baby ticket was randomly discarded on the ground.  I wonder if it came from a carnival, or a workplace raffle.  Hopefully a carnival, filled with fire-breathers and pinstriped-dressed men working the ferris wheel.


This weekend holds hopefully completing a big marketing project at one job, planning out the processes of a new business idea, and a lot of guacamole & margarita sightings during my tour de Cinco de Mayo.

Have I told you how great life is lately?


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This photograph showed up early morning – the immediate feeling I had was one of humbleness.  Time for a walk in the sunshine, full breaths of air, my heart filled with gratitude.



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