weekly iPhone pic drop

NEWS FLASH: Jimmy John’s no longer makes their sandwiches with sprouts. I know – deep breath. I was baffled, too. Alas, we will survive. JJ’s still rocks. Grab a #6 or #12, I’ll bring the sprouts.

I’ve never had the interest in dropping major dough on Louis Vuitton products, but their marketing is bomb. I really love how they design their graphics. Not enough to buy anything (which is opposite of their intention) BUT, I appreciate beautiful design!

Dan, a good friend from high school, has hopefully fixed his knee on what is his fourth and last surgery : a meniscus transplant. Isn’t that weird to think about? He was placed on a transplant list and waited for someone with a decent/comparable meniscus to die – in order to have the surgery. His recovery is moving right along with the help of a fabulous new crutch called the Mobilegs.

Things happen for a reason. Everything does. I’m sure of it. The other day I walked past a window display with this quote and smiled because it.could.not.be.more.true.

Finally, FINALLY, I have learned the proper way to secure my bike when it’s my transportation method to work. Kryptonite Success! (don’t judge!)

Currently this is my go-to power breakfast. French Meadow Organic Blueberry Bagel with berry spread and bananas.

Fortune cookie fail. Dropped it right into a glass of water. This has all sorts of bad luck tied to it.

Saturday I became part of the Tough Mudder family. We scaled walls, we mud crawled, we laughed until we cried. The whole Tough Mudder experience was one of the hardest (maybe harder than the Twin Cities Marathon) and best events ever. We have considered a December trip to the Tampa Florida Mudder… hoorah!

Sometimes it is worth a 60 second break. A sky-ward glance. A grateful sigh. Life is good.

Cheers to adventure,

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One thought on “weekly iPhone pic drop

  1. Holy crap, poor Danny! I love how you phrased that waiting list…haha.

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