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timeline creative

I’ve been working on my money folding origami, primarily to leave for tips at restaurants.  Here is an elephant, it only took a whopping 20 minutes!  Oliver requested a mini photo shoot with it – so I obliged.  It was adorable – so I grabbed a few of those images for my new Timeline image.


He sat right next to his elephant, surveying the outdoor landscape.  He’s a goof!

Recently, I test drove a company called Rise Bars.  They make delicious, gluten-free, healthy snack bars.  The packaging and branding really pulled me in, so I gave them a shot.  My favorite was the Protein+ Almond Honey bar.  There are only three ingredients in this bar : Almonds, Honey and Whey Protein.  Pair it with a glass of orange juice and it’s the best post workout snack I’ve found yet.

I’m slightly behind on my Weekly iPhone Pic Drop.  Today may have to be a double post day.  Woop!

Cheers to life,


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timeline creative

Did you know I love taking pictures? Did you know I love Instagram and sharing pictures on the go? My latest Facebook Timeline is a small layout of some recent Instagram pics. My username is : tolifewithlove (of course!) and I would love for you to follow me!

Life is more enhanced with images. Especially for memories sake! This is how we remember events, adventures, people, and beautiful sights! Be careful that you don’t spend too much time taking pictures that you don’t actually enjoy what is happening around you. Snap a few images and then get in on the fun!

It’s not always the best to be an innocent bystander – get in there… jump in the sprinklers! Get dirty! Put away the phone and go throw colorful dust at your state’s Color Run 5K like I did this morning! 7:30am wake-up, quick run, hundreds of pounds of colored dust being thrown left and right! What a beautiful sight to see!

Life is good! So good!


Listening to.  About to watch.

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weekly iPhone pic drop

Computer motherboards look like small towns.  Little techno villages.  Circular metal water towers and overpopulated suburban grids.

A smallish restaurant called Ingredients Cafe serves one of my favorite salads on earth.  Poached Pear and Arugula.


Ominous clouds are right up there on my Favorite Things in Life (italicize) list.  Dark clouds, hard rain, fantastic lightning.  The crazier the better.

Someone left their bean in Chicago.
A secluded spot in Lurie Garden, in the middle of bustling downtown, has a spot to reconnect, reflect, and cast shadow shapes.  Or read your latest scandalous novel as you dip your feet into the water.
A busy day at work demands braided hair.  I’m a firm believer that our store has the most braids in all of iKingdom.
Found some chilled La Playa in the back of the fridge.  Don’t mind me taking the boat out, jumping in the middle, and drinking all of them.  None for you Glen Coco.
Is it that time in my life already?  I got this Aveeno positively radiant lotion for those long nights that leave me with dark circles under my eyes.  Crossing my fingers it works magic.
Summer sunsets on the lake.  Nothing better after a long week.
Ciao lovers.
Listening to.  Cooking for dinner.  Dreaming about.
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