a stroke of genius

I have an idea.
What if… at fast food restaurants. People had to calculate their BMI (body mass index).  If they are overweight or obese, their food costs more money.

Often I think the cheap dollar value and convenience-factor encourage those that are out of shape, overweight, and morbidly obese, to continue down that path of destruction.

If their Big Mac Super Value Fries meal costs 4x as much money – say… $25 because they are pushing 300lbs. on their 5’7″ frame (and we aren’t talking muscle mass here), maybe it will encourage them to choose another form of sustenance.

Hi Mr. Customer, oh I see you are pushing 4 bills and cannot safely secure the seatbelt around your snack pack of a stomach… yeah, that 20 piece Chicken Nuggie meal is going to cost you $35. Cough it up!

What’s wrong with this solution? I think it’s genius!
Wishful thinking,

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2 thoughts on “a stroke of genius

  1. Its genius only if weight were always a direct effect to lifestyle. But what about folks with glandular problems or a genetic predisposition to weight gain? Should we penalize people for things they cannot control? You’re heads in the right place,M, wanting to see everyone be healthier. But its not the perfect solution. Keep thinking though.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from Joe. But the nation is not battling glandular issues or thyroid issues. Those that have medical issues are already aware of them and battling them. They’re not part of the bigger problem – our nation’s obesity epidemic. It is those that choose not to battle or make healthy choices because of convenience or laziness that I direct this to.

    People will always come up with excuses or validations for being obese and over-weight. But the reality is that people are in control of themselves and their body. When they walk into the grocery store, it’s not rocket science that bananas are a healthier choice compared to candy/chips/pop/fast food. Fast food is not healthy, period – for those with a predisposition to obesity or not.

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