inside my own head

I had an early morning float tank session today.  The float tank is a sensory-deprivation chamber at The Wellness Center.  It’s the only one in the Twin Cities.  Some float as a meditation ritual, some float to straighten their tense muscles, others float to get away from it all.  The chamber looks like a space-era pod from an alien movie.  Inside is about 8-inches of 93.1 degree water with 850 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts.  The salt keeps you bobbing on the surface, an awesome feeling in it’s own part.  There is a choice to have music or none, I choose none.  And light or no light, I choose no light.  I was searching for the complete, pitch-black silenced atmosphere of being inside my own head.

Work project after work project, after long run, after stressful day has me running on fumes.  A float tank session is exactly what I needed to get away from it all.  I had my eyes wide open in this completely dark chamber – the feeling was a cross between spinning around in a giant toilet bowl and performing drunken horizontal yoga in an attempt to relax and just be.  Just float.  And think about all the rampant unchained thoughts running around in my head.

A 60 minute session will set you back $50.  Money well spent to have silence, no distractions, and complete peace to sort through your thoughts as you bob like a human life-preserver.

I’d do it again.
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