adventure time: round-three

I’m going to try something a little different. I have not been keeping up on my blog and it isn’t for lack of trying… my life has been nonstop, less than 6 hours of sleep, work, work and more work.

After Vancouver – I spent a weekend in Chicago with my best girlfriends (I will post about that once I’m back)…. then I worked the good old Minnesota State Fair for 9 long days straight. Which brings me just about to my current spot.

I’m sitting at Gate E12 about to get on a plane to Dublin, Ireland. My girlfriend Chelsea and I have decided to take a 10-day trip to the land of leprechauns and Jameson-induced debauchery.

On the docket: visit the Cliffs of Moher, hike the landscape, Jameson distillery, Guinness brewery tour, sleep in a castle and spend many an evening in pubs, chatting up the locals.

I’m utilizing the WordPress app on an iPhone, let’s see how this works!

Nothing like the old ‘work hard play hard’ adage… I have worked my tail off in the last 6 months and am about to depart on a third adventure. It’s all about the work-life balance. Find out what works for you!

Small to medium size shout out to my parents for watching my Yorkie, Oliver, all of this time. He’s such a good investment, eh?

I’ll toss a Jameson back for everyone of you!

Cheers (literally!)


A quick thank-you to charging stations at the MSP airport! #thankful

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One thought on “adventure time: round-three

  1. June J Hill says:

    I love your logs…you are really gifted..I feel like I am experiences your travels with you…go girl!

    Sent from my iPad

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