Sleepless in Dublin

Our arrival in Dublin is exciting! After 7.5 hours on a plane, any sort of arrival would be! We stand in a customs line for 45 minutes. I’m okay with this because I love collecting stamps in my passport from other countries. It’s almost like a scrapbook-thing. I was bummed in Vancover when we got thru customs with no stamp given. I have half a mind to buy a stamp from Archivers just so I have record in my passport that I went.

In Dublin, I get the customs agent on a power trip- questioning me about who I’m visiting, if he has a work Visa… all this crap that shouldn’t matter as I have a valid passport and all he needs to do is stamp it and move along to the next tourist, right eśe?! Talk about feeling like a convicted felon without doing anything wrong.

I just about get my friend deported. In the end I wanted to say…. Who are you to question me who I’m visiting and then deny me?! I’m here on vacation, for pleasure, for 10 days, stamp my passport, adios.

We make it to our first hostel after a search and find for the correct bus (16A, if you’re curious). Nothing like navigating public transportation in a foreign country. Adventure!!

The hostel is connected to a great little coffee shop called The Bald Barista. After we drop our bags at the room, take a quick power nap, we proceeded to fuel with some java. A Flat White. Which is a “less foamy latte”.

Twenty minutes later Conor arrives to meet us and the adventure really begins. He shows us around downtown Dublin, his favorite watering holes, a shopping area. We walk thru the most beautiful park with swans and ducks everywhere!

He is here playing on a rugby team- so we watch a bit of their practice at the Trinity University field. Lots of buff dudes wearing short shorts wrestling one another and making grunting noises.

Chelsea and I found a place to drink on campus within walking distance and sat down to enjoy our first pint of the trip. Bulmers Original. We cheers to “adventure, Dublin, and asshole customs agents”.

After practice- Conor and his teammate/flatmate Ian took us to their new apartment overlooking the Liffey River. Ian offered us tea “with milk if you’d like”. Adorable! I’ve never been offered tea by an Irishman before. I died.

We made a family dinner and enjoyed catching up on our lives.

Midnight rolled around and I’m shocked we aren’t more tired than we are. As I recall a family backpack tour to Europe (circa 1999) … the entire first two days were spent in a hazy fog.

Sleepless in Dublin,









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