Last full day to be Irish

We wake up to a chilly, rainy morning in Belfast. Surprise surprise! Last night was the worst sleep I’ve had in years. Roommate #4, Mike from Colorado, stumbles into the room at 4am, hammered. He proceeds to play something on his MacBook while simultaneously coughing so hard, I thought his lungs were going to dislodge. After ten ridiculous minutes of this, because really, who would subject 3 strangers to loud, icky bodily noises at 4am?! Drunk Mike from Colorado, of course. Finally, he passes out. We think the worst is over, but oh no ladies and gentleman. The fun is just beginning. He snores for the rest of the night/early morning. Not just little-baby-my-balls-haven’t-dropped-yet snores, but full grown grizzly bear man snores. And if you don’t believe me, I recorded audio on my iPhone. So come on over and I’ll prove you wrong over a pint.

I want to thank the makers of Apple, the Pandora App, the Netflix App, and all of iTunes for creating such great products. Even though sleep was impossible, it drowned him out impressively well.

We woke up in the morning with a vengeance in our blood. We made as much noise as we could, thrashing around and packing loudly at 8am. We threw open the blinds and let the streaming Belfast sun shine into our attic hostel room skylight. In my head, as it was opening I was thinking, “let there be LIGHT bitcheeeeees!”

Enough about that. Breakfast was quick, as was coffee. We’ve perfected the art of unpacking and packing up again within 48 hours, so that was quick too.

The bus station was a 20-25 minute walk from the hostel. We swiftly checked out, and headed in that direction.

Time went quicker than we planned to the point where we were within 5 minutes of the bus taking off upon arriving. We quickly found a bathroom (per usual) and boarded the bus to Dublin.

About 2.5 hours is the time it took to cruise Belfast -> Dublin. The bus was double-decker, nice seats but crappy air circulation. Our dash to make it in time left me with small beads of sweat. I had half a mind to take off layers. AKA: everything. We took off our shoes, socks, sweatshirts and spread out across four seats. After ten minutes of cool down, the bus ride was relaxing and allowed me to continue reading my book. This trip has been nothing but adventure and close calls! Livin on the edge baby!

In Dublin we were picked up at the bus station by Conor (remember? Friend from work whose playing rugby here now and whom I almost got deported?) and his adorable, über sweet, purebred Irish, wealthy flatmate Ian. I spent a small amount of time today trying to convince him we should holiday at one of his families two homes in the South of Spain.

A girl can dream! I learned early on, I could spend my life asking for anything as long as I could accept ‘no’ for an answer. (same wise man told me this)

We purchased some spirits, walked thru a park filled with swans, Ian took us to a crepe shop with killer branding called lemon, relaxed on the patio of the apartment in the sun, ate free 99s, shopped for a few more souvenirs and watched Bridesmaids. The evening hours brought drinking, Jameson of course, ideal for our last night in Dublin. We also watched a bit of the new iPhone 5 announcement. All four of us are huge Apple lovers and pretty pumped!

At midnight, after I already had my fair share of Jameson, we went out. Chelsea wanted one more Guinness in a pub on our last night, and I couldn’t argue with that logic. It was bitchin cold as we walked many many blocks to Temple Bar. A round of Guinness for all. I drank mine fast and had my heart set on dipping out after one. A few more were had. Soon thereafter I witnessed someone barfing on the dance floor and said, “yep, I’m leaving now.” Chelsea and I caught a cab back to the flat in record time.

Eat two pieces of toast.
Brush my teeth.
I remember thinking to myself, I haven’t had much for water today.

The thought passes and it’s lights out Dublin.







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