i heart books

When I was younger, my grade school teachers thought I would grow up and have no friends.  Their reasoning was that I spent all of recess walking around the playground while reading a book – instead of chasing boys and playing red rover.  I’m happy to say, I do have friends.  Quality ones, that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

But I am also still in love with books.  I love reading.  Getting lost in a story.  A romance, a mystery… it doesn’t really matter what the genre is.  I’m an unbiased reader.  Fiction or non… short story or Twilight-series long.  If it holds my attention, I will spend just about all waking moments reading it til completion.

The book I’m currently devouring is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.  I requested it from the library, waited patiently for my turn – and had it in my possession for two weeks.  The holidays are happening (including Black Friday) and pretty soon my time was up.  If you work a retail job, in any capacity, you will know right now is the season of stress and insane shopping environments.  I didn’t finish it in two weeks.  So, instead of waiting for 284 other library patrons to read the book (i.e. the year 2016), I have another plan of attack.  Each trip I take to Target, I read 15 pages.

I’m that girl with a toothbrush, Noosa yoghurt, and an apple in her red shopping basket, standing in the book section for 20 minutes.  It’s a flashback to my recess days as everyone around me is focused on shopping the SHIT out of Target and I’m really just there because I’m too cheap to buy the novel.  There’s something about buying a book that I cannot justify.  I’d rather spend my money on other guilty pleasures (read: Lululemon).

Which brings me to my conclusion: if you’re looking for a recommendation to suggest at your book club this month… I highly recommend Gone Girl.  It’s captivating, psychologically-messed-up, and involves murderous/sneaky/fiesty characters.  Win!

Listening to.

Sipping on.

Adding to wishlist (taupe color)

Today was such a great day & I’ll leave it at that,


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One thought on “i heart books

  1. lancehill710 says:

    I totally remember meeting with the teacher re: this concern of hers..;-) Clearly, she had nothing to worry about! Dad

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