my very own Barbie

I have this good friend that lives in LA.  He’s humorous, contemplative, and always up for an adventure.  Jeyk moved across the nation last year, but we keep in touch – so it’s all gravy!  He’s the kind of person you can count on to take you to the doctor when you’re on your deathbed, to chase down an LA food truck because you’ve never done it before, the kind of guy to layer up on a chilly summer day and walk along Santa Monica Beach talking about business, future, friendship… appreciate this guy muchos.

Anyway, today I was going about my business (read: work, working out, thinking [a lot]) and the doorbell rings.

There on my front step, lies a box from Amazon with my name on it.  I don’t recall ordering anything, so I secretly hope a box of Green and Black’s 85% Organic Dark Chocolate was shipped to the wrong person – which is really the right person because I love me some über dark organic chocolate.  Ka-pow!
I sliced open the box, took out the packaging and found a wrapped present.  The note read:

Immediately I laughed, because this is one heck of a thoughtful little gift.  And it really couldn’t have come on a better weekend.

Months back, Jeyk emailed me a picture of this Barbie and said it should be named the Emily Barbie.  Dark brown hair, long braid… somewhat sporty outfit.  The bow and arrow are yet to be mastered, but it’s a character from The Hunger Games, which I think the world of.  This is Katniss Everdeen… the feisty game-changer from the series.  If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading this blog post and get your arse to Redbox.  Better yet, get the book and read that – there are so many more details in it.
emily barbie 
I’m setting up this little doll on my bookshelf.
As a reminder of feisty characters, a reminder of Jeyk, and a reminder that once in a while, guys will surprise you and do something unexpected.
So thank you Jeyk, for making my day brighter.
Tonight I’m thankful for communication and relationships both near and far.
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