Blue Bird Bake Shop

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A few weeks ago, I had one of the best customer service experiences ever. I went to surprise my girlfriend at work in an unknown suburb of Orlando. I got off the bus (that I rode for 2 hours) and started to walk towards her workplace. I wanted to surprise her with a treat but had no idea where to find one. I saw a little shop called, Blue Bird Bake Shop. I entered and the young girl working greeted me. It was near closing and the only flavor cupcake they had left was strawberry, so I took it off their hands. I told her the story of my public transportation voyage and who the cupcake was going to. I said goodbye and left on my way. Five steps out of the door and a gentlemen behind me yells “Hey, did you ride the bus to get here?!” I turned around to find someone leaning out the bake shop door.

I explained my reason for being in his neck of the woods. He said, “You came all this way and all we had was a strawberry cupcake left over?!” He motioned for me to follow him into the bakeshop and filled a bag with some of his favorite treats; a cookie, a scone, and a ridiculously amazing salted caramel brownie. I was amazed!

He explained to me that he was the owner of the little bakeshop and after hearing my story there was no way he could let me walk out with just one cupcake for my girlfriend. I thanked him for his generosity and told him I always try to shop at the small, local mom-and-pop places.

To my Orlando friends, you owe it to yourself to visit the Blue Bird Bake Shop at 3122 Corrine Drive!

What an adventure!,


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One thought on “Blue Bird Bake Shop

  1. lancehill710 says:

    Cool!! L

    Remember that when you see me BSing with staff at, oh, say Trader Joes…. now, THAT’S a story.

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