Lululemon is queen

20130811-075931.jpgMirror shot of the whole fam! Our plan of attack was to wake up super early and get to the race expo. Expo includes packet pickup, race chip registration, and the showcase store where exclusive Lululemon clothes only for the Seawheeze are sold.

I knew it was going to be a good day because the first thing Carley told me was that I had Disney Princess hair. Normally, I have too plain of hairstyles for her liking, so the was a compliment of the highest level!

We woke at 5am, throw on some workout clothes (duh!) and head towards the Vancouver Convention Center. A quick coffee stop along the way ensured a clearheaded shopping conscious. Ha! Chai lattes and iced Americans. Cheers to early morning experiences!




We thought we were being proactive in rising before the sun – everyone else had the same thought process. We arrived at the convention center and joined the end of the line. We people watched, laughed, and drank our coffees. 20130811-080149.jpg


As rounded the center, there was a giant orca whale statue and some Lululemon marketing telling us to “get our hair did”. I love it. This company and their marketing, their fabulous fabric yoga pants, the bright colors – I’m obsessed.


Inside the center is a beautiful big circus tent where packet pickup takes place.



We line up for the expo store area and are in within minutes. The race expo store is filled with the exclusive Seawheeze clothing only found at the race store. We are giddy with excitement and people are freaking insane. It’s a clothing feeding frenzy and there are hangers with $42 tank tops flying left and right. We can’t get our hands on enough stuff… and there’s a 15 item limit per person. At one point, we have to pull up a spot in the corner and play the “do I need this?” Game. Which helps, but we still leave with quite a bit of loot.




In case you are curious, this right here is what $1,700 will get you at Lululemon. #oops


The convention center is kiddie corner from the Fairmont Pacific Rim, the location of a very sad tragedy. Finn from Glee died here weeks ago. I shed a few tears of agony out front (JK mom!)



When we walk to and from our apartment to the expo, we never trust any splatters, avoiding all liquids and questionable things laying on the sidewalk. E Hastings Street is a circus, always filled with the weirdest of characters. On our morning hike today, a gentleman dressed in shabby black clothing and trench coat crossed the street to get in front of us, turned around and told us to come see the “magic show premiere” as he shuffled a few cards in the air. He didn’t even pause for a reaction from us, just turned and walked back across the street where he came from, literally missing a speeding car by 3 inches. Insane.

Anyway, the rest of the expo was filled with getting free hairstyles, henna tattoos, and a local chiropractic clinic gave us all pre-race massages. Divine.


We got bands with our race number and name on them in lieu of race bibs – so much cooler!!


We got fresh mango Popsicles and shot a mantra pic they displayed on the wall of runner mantras. Cool idea! Our mantra was “live life to the fullest and never stop drinking mimosas with your best friends”. So corny! We felt obligated to put something up there! Ha!



We signed our names on a large Seawheeze banner to hopefully be hung in the hall of fame somewhere. #killingitsince2006 and at that point we were done with the expo.

Hard cider was calling our name, so we headed back to the apartment and lounged. Tried on some super bright lipstick we decided looked terrible on all of us and Carley took it upon herself to slyly rearrange all of the art hung on the walls.




The master bedroom is huge and the bed holds us all. So we played our favorite – Cards Against Humanity and just about peed ourselves many times. This game never ceases to amaze me with its terribly inappropriate combinations!


I love, LOVE lounging and laughing with my girls. It seems every girls trip we always do a lot of this and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For lunch we went to a little spot in Gastown called the Lamplighter Pub.


Right below that image of the pub sign, there is an entrance to a building that had the strangest cracked out characters come and go. We questioned the waiter and he said it was a free public house where those on drugs, off drugs, homeless, whatever – could live free of charge. He said about a year ago they were having issues with tenants living on higher levels whose windows were directly above the restaurant patio, as they regularly threw used syringes out the window… my expression was this…


We ate our meals in semi-nervousness. All of the food served on wooden cutting boards, very cool!


We spent the rest of the evening drinking hard cider and toasting to our half marathon adventure in the morning.



Our sunset view looked like this…


See you bright and early!

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2 thoughts on “Lululemon is queen

  1. lancehill710 says:

    Emily, If you don’t find a way to get this Blog in front of some travel channel or newspaper forum you are a fool…. 😉 You write such a great story, and incidentally, you look like a younger version of Deans wife in that stand up shot of you alone. Jeesh, Emily ‘The Body’ Hill… congrats on your Doing It Right, you make me very proud! Dd

  2. June hill says:

    I am so proud of really know how to live life with gusto! I feel like I am experiencing your adventures..I should find a publisher!

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