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six {6} months

time flies. it absolutely does. apparently we have been married for 6 months already. WHAT?! i haven’t even taken the time to recap our WEDDING, must less everything incredible that’s happened since then.


we’ve been to Mexico, we’ve been to Hawaii. we’ve scuba dived in the ocean. we’ve ridden bikes down a volcano on an island. we’ve worked out and laughed and cried and learned more about communication. so much about communication, that is something we will always work towards succeeding at.  each day I feel like we get better. we are both independent, strong-willed individuals and we can butt heads when we’re passionate. but that’s made for the best conversations, ever. the long hours / bottles of wine / candles-burning-conversation that i hope every couple gets to have.


we’ve charted out a good chunk of the next couple years and surprisingly find ourselves living in my parents basement for a little bit of time while we’re in limbo. we have the world at our fingertips and I feel like we’re about to take off.


no one told me it was going to be this good. and if they did? I wouldn’t have believed them.

Brett, you are my favorite adventurer, my teammate… I am incredibly head over heels for you boy.

all my love,


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happy birthday to my fiancé

where has the time gone?  in the months since I’ve last posted, Brett and I have adventured through New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival and explored the Dominican Republic.  most importantly, that beautiful country is where he proposed and with happy tears streaming, I knew right then that this is going to be the best life ever.
today is the birth day of a man I have so much love for.  happy birthday to you and all that you have become in your time on this earth, babe.  you are insanely passionate and the hardest worker I know.  you challenge me to be better every day and your excitement for adventure equals mine.  I cannot wait to celebrate YOU on June 4th for the rest of our lives together.
I meant everything I said in your birthday note this morning and I won’t repeat it all here for the masses.
You are my favorite parter in crime and in a few short months, we will officially begin our story (this past 5 years can be the ‘foreword’ to our book)!
happy birthday to the person I cannot wait to wake up with every day for the rest of my life!
I love you to the moon,
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what’s in a name?

Some of you asked how I named my blog.  All of my tried and trues were taken, I had to get creative.  oooo such a challenge…. hehe… So, this was my muse.  A journal entry from 3 months ago.  Wanna see?

journal entry october 28. 2011












It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, I know – but some things just don’t right now.

Rollin’ with the punches. xo

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hi lovers.  I don’t know why I haven’t started one of these sooner.  At one point in life, I did – and abandoned it.  Like an empty milk carton.  Alas, I have come to my senses – and at the same time, been entirely inspired by one of the greatest people I’ve ever known – Katie L with her blog over here.  Cheers to living a life filled with creativity, laughter, best friends, and adventures.  My glass is half full – always – and I’m constantly in awe of this journey I’m on.  I shall share it with you at this location.  Ciao!  🙂


I also like to create fun stuff over here.