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a new tradition

Alright, here it is – the start of a new tradition.  A weekly download of pics I take on my iPhone.  A teeny caption to pair with them.  I used to do a photo a day with a paragraph or two about what it meant to me.  In the spirit of being all over the place, and taking way more pics on a regular basis – this Weekly iPhone Pic Drop is going to take place every Friday – as a recap to my week in photos – usually filtered through Instragram.  I love pictures.  I love seeing my life through pictures.  I think you will too.


Fish at pet store.  P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Animal print on the inside of my Toms.

Cone I successfully ran up into my front wheel well (be impressed).

FrozBroz Minneapolis Craft Ice Cream taste test.

Whole wheat toast with almond butter & agave nectar.

Driving the bobcat, spreading mulch, dad/daughter bonding.

Mysteriously ‘sick’, pain in my ass, blunt slinging older sister H.

Business brainstorming for new entrepreneurial ideas.

Reverse screen sharing = apparently infinite.


Something new each week.  Nine new pics.  Yay creativity!  xo.

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