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etsy : emiliepaperie

Never have I ever enjoyed buying cards at a card store.  The words don’t come out right, they picture isn’t funny to me… I always preferred making my own cards and paper goods.  After creating a card to give the love of my life… it dawned on me that people might actually like what I create.

My first design was a card called I Love You and Your Beard – it is a popular one!  I branched out to make ones stating love for the ‘Stache and the Banana as well… I made my etsy shop, EmiliePaperie and didn’t do much with it.  I had a few sales here and there but 2013 I was focused on Apple and other things.


Recently, I came to the conclusion that I want to make this a small side business, a part-time hobby that actually makes money.  I learned SEO tools and the power of social media marketing.  I made an Instagram and a Twitter to link my shop together across platforms.  A few weeks ago, I applied for an assumed name so EmiliePaperie can be mine and mine alone.

I added new content and capitalized on the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s Day, and created some cards that a like-minded individual would appreciate.  Let’s be honest, this holiday is about chocolate and “romantically enjoying one another”.  I want someone to reach my etsy shop and find the perfect card for their soulmate.

Like this other best seller,



Recently, blogs started to feature some of my cards on their Valentine’s roundup and I was over the moon!

A mommy blogger over at Another Day, Another Diaper

A beautiful wedding website at Emmaline Bride

A well-written blog designed by fantastic local Minnesota women at Flock of Broads


Aside from that… the fact that websites are featuring my cards… all it takes is a single order, especially an international one, to make my heart skip a beat.


The other day, I had an order from South Korea and New Zealand.   ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

People across the globe like my creations enough to pay for them to be shipped to their doorstep?!


I’m feeling all sorts of giddy and filled up inside with glitter and happy thoughts.

I hope this is the start of something I can make sustainable and make work for me in all the right ways.

For those of you whom have supported and continue to support, my thanks travels to you on this snowy-Minnesota day,




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timeline creative

Here are a few timelines I’ve created for my Facebook over the last few months.

One has the best, most true Bob Marley lyric of all time.

timeline 11-12

It’s a fact when they say music can create a bubble of calm, relaxation within a chaotic life.

The newest one showcases my little gremlin, Oliver.  He has this thing where he will start sleeping on the floor, and at 3:04 am each morning, he makes small whimpers until I wake up.  I look down and he’s sitting there, looking up.  That’s the time he remembers he would rather be sleeping in my bed.  Contrary to what I should be doing, I’ll lift him up and let him snuggle on top of my covers.  Turns out, he’s the best cuddle on the market*.  Be jealous.

oliver cuddle timeline


Here’s to hoping you have a cuddler of your own… human or fluff ball…


*Footnote: he is about to be ousted as best cuddler…

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timeline creative

Drum roll… here’s my new Facebook timeline.  I really like to customize my messenger bags and iPhone cases when I can.  This particular photo is a mug of the house coffee brew at St. Francis in Phoenix, AZ. We enjoyed a relaxing brunch there on a Sunday morning.  Our second annual girls trip took us away for a weekend to Arizona where K is living.  (side note : we have a standing trip each year – girls vacation – and 2011 took us to the beautiful Monte Lucia Resort & Spa nestled on Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale.)


We gather from all over the nation (MN, KS, FL, AZ) for a weekend of debauchery, drinking, laughing, delicious meals, pool time, spas, and lots of sun worshipping.  These are a few of my closest and dearest friends on the planet.

M, R, me, C, K and M










The backdrop was a beautiful mountain, and one morning it rained – causing large puddles in the grass.  I choose the morning activity of dance-stomping in the rain puddles, at the base of a mountain, with all of my best friends as witnesses.














It didn’t matter what time of day – we cheers’ed to friendship, life, love, the pursuit of happiness – every chance we got.  I’m a big fan of cheers’ing, toasting, acknowledging togetherness.  Starting with Iced Soy Caramel Macchiatos at the airport, and finishing with bloody marys and mimosas.











It’s true when they say the greatest part about life are your experiences and interactions with people : your relationships.  I would be nothing without my friends.


Sleep tight,



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timeline creative

Every now and again (hopefully once a week) I want to update my Facebook Timeline image.

Here is the first one I ever made:

The one below, I posted yesterday.  As you can see – I’m clearly in the mood to kick some ass.  And I love Lady Gaga’s music.

Get on with your bad self.  xo

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the latest ush

Busy as a bee!  That is me!  Ready for this week’s iphone pic drop?

An all-natural, organic, wholesome [one of my favorites] spot for lunch, Good Earth.

I renamed this one, his new name is Robér.  Pronounced ‘row-bear’.  He now hails from Italia.

Massages are my indulgence, I found a new favorite.  She has tons of tattoos and rocks my deep muscles.  I’m in love.

Who is that nerd knocking out two hours at the gym devouring issues of Fast Company + reading articles on Facebook’s IPO?  This girl.

Fabulous, free updo courtesy of super hot chick with massage skills [see above].

This movie is one of the best, one of my favorites…. “As you wish.”  So many things I want to say about that quote.

Bruises appear in random places, with no provocation.

Signed, sealed, registered, stoked.  Vancouver, BC here I come!

I could eat them everyday – if my mom says that’s okay.

This week was so filled with crazy, awesome adventures.  From studio creative meetings, to taking fun pictures, interviewing for a new job (this would be #4 folks: Apple, studio, promotions, and hopefully _____________.)  The second round of interviews included answering the following question in 30 seconds: “You are a door-to-door saleswoman, you have half a minute to sell us your hampster cage air fresheners.”  It took me a good 10 seconds to get my composure {giggles}.  HOW AWESOME ARE THEY!?  I hope to some day be able to interview potentials with hilarious and off-the-wall questions such as those.  Maybe “You have to give yourself a new name – superhero style, and tell me what kind of tattoo you’d get if you were forced to get one.  Ready go.  Ten seconds.”  On the spot creative thinking is quickly becoming one of my favorite styles of communication.  Ha!

The SeaWheeze has been signed up for – there are a handful of interested ladies this time around, including but not limited to – promotions ladies {M.G. & Salt}, maybe even an Apple lady {C.M.}, hopefully my best lady {K.L.}  Either way, I’m beyond excited, ready, and already looking forward to this adventure in seven months.  Traveling, running, new locations, the beautiful Vancouver, and being surrounded by inspiring Lululemon lovers?  What is there not to like?

Now that I have the Weekly iPhone Pic Drop down, my next implementation is to become a Daymaker.  I used to hang out with this fun, nice, kind, inspiring guy awhile ago, and we had this phenomenal idea to be Daymakers.  More on that later.

How do you like my latest design?  It is a spin-off of the Eminem/Rihanna hit.  I want to print it on a thick card stock for writing love letters to my favorites: paired with sky blue envelopes, of course.








Holy moly I am blessed for this busy, indulgent, creative, fast-paced, phenomenal life that I live.

What will you do with your wild and precious life?


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