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homeless business idea

I really don’t know where I started thinking about this but I have an idea.

If I were a homeless person, I think I would be pretty successful at making dough.

I would have a small table set up with some of the most critical items.  Have you ever been in traffic, wishing you had a mint, a q-tip, a piece of gum, a condom (boys!), a bottle of water, a piece of floss, a hairbrush, some hairspray, a bobby pin, a tampon…. or in my world… lip chap?  There are a handful of car rides where I’ve been so desperate for something that I would absolutely pay $4.00 for it if I pulled thru an off ramp and there was a small table of treasures set up, available for my purchasing.  As long as everything was packaged and clean.. I’m not above paying a pretty penny for something I’m dying for.  Okay, not really dying for… but something I needed real bad.
I don’t know if I was traumatized when I was younger but lip chap seems to be something I must have on my person (can’t stand that phrase) at. all. times.

*of course, this idea would only be feasible if there weren’t gas stations on every block… maybe this is a hicktown, out-in-the-boondocks sort of homeless person opportunity.

I’m silly, you love me,
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makes the world go round

Music is what motivates me, energizes me & fuels my runs.  It also makes me look like complete crazy b*t#h… picture this, I’m driving down 35W, my song comes on – I crank this up – I sing it loud – complete with pained emotional expressions, loud pitches… a complete rockstar stage performance.  It seems as though all my favorite songs right now are about love.  LOVE, love, LOVE.  Strained, sad, happy, missing, questioning, deep, confusing relationships : it. is. perfect. for. me. right. now.

Here is the complete list that I can’t help but max my volume at:

1.  “It Will Rain” – Bruno Mars

2.  “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri [may or may not elicit tears depending on the mood]

3.  “Don’t You Remember” – Adele [the queen of all relationship music]

4.  “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz [love this music video]

It might be all the wedding talk [Carley] & current boy thoughts.  Either way, music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.  I’m sure of it.



Two things I will touch on another day when The Hunger Games series isn’t calling my name to be read.  [remind me if I don’t remember]

1) starting my DayMakers idea

2) new weekly iPhone pic drop

more on those new parts of life later.

buenos noches amores.


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