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just don’t understand

You may know me as quite the animal lover.  I melt when I see cute things, little babies, puppies, fish, polar bears…. oh my GAWD don’t get me started on the polar bears.  All of my environmentally friendly efforts I contribute to “saving the polar bears” – are you going to turn off that hallway light?  Use the hand dryer instead of the paper towels?  Have you even figured out what it means to recycle just yet?

All of the boys I’ve been privy to love, date, hang out with, have been given the full ‘save the polar bears’ run down and I hopefully have encouraged them to do just the littlest they can do, to make a difference.

Rewind to Thursday night.  S and I decided to have a sister night – we ended up at a mall with a pet shop.  Our first instinct is to go in, poke around, see the sights.  Bad idea.  Look at this little nugget who stared at me through the puppy-nose-smudged glass of his 2’x2′ box “cage”. Obviously his name would have to be Ferdinand.


Can you even look at that without physically feeling your heartstrings get yanked – immediately demanding to know, how much for that puppy?  Well, friends, he is $650.  Quite a few bones more than I have to spend on a dog at the moment.  In fact, the whole wall was covered in adorable puppies that I wanted for my own.

Then I got depressed and thought about where these puppies come from, probably puppy mills, and how handled they may or not be by the hoodlums and punk asses that ask to hold them daily.  I wish pet stores were only able to sell fish.  And rats.  And hamsters.  Maybe the occasional bird.  Definitely not anything as cute as him.  I might even have to ban this little gentleman I nicknamed George…


Cute things belong on laps, snuggled on blankets, taking naps in sunshine – not behind glass, in dirty cages, waiting for someone, anyone, to take them home.

I’m not even a fish person -but look at those little fishy bug eyes!

I’ll take them both sir, load them up, I have just the spot for them.

Goodnight to all the cute nuggets of the world,


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