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weekly iPhone pic drop

Sometimes I take a pic and it looks like one of two things – this fabulous glass of merlot with my lady friend on a beautiful afternoon kinda looks like a pond of water.

Oliver is on a mission to get that damn chipmunk or so help him!  Run Chip!

One more wine experience this past week, Hey Mambo is perfect for a meal with pasta, give it a go.  The label is beautiful, the price is right.

In the past, I haven’t been a huge fan of Chelsea Handler.  But lately (no pun intended), she’s made me laugh more often then not.  Standing in line at Whole Foods the other day, her mag cover caught my eye.  Gorgeous.

Crafty way to design a bottle cap for maple syrup, me likey.  Now I need to invest in this griddle.

Mark Thursday night as the first bonfire evening.  We have a pretty nice location, lake-side, plenty of loon calls and wood logs to lounge on until the wee hours when all that’s left are smoking embers and sleepyheads.  Want an invite to the next one?  It’s BYOW (weiners).

I will never get tired of sunsets.  Is there such a thing as an ugly sunset?  Not possible.  All I’ve seen lately are cotton-candy, fairytale looking ones and I seize all activity until they disappear into the evening sky.  I recommend you don’t take them for granted.

Our back hallway is a scary dungeon sometimes… getting product from Remote 2 makes me feel as though I’m in a thriller about to be murdered.  I know, I’m warped.

The past three days have been filled with working the Diet Pepsi Surprise and Delight Mother’s Day event throughout Minneapolis.  We ribbon-tied daisies, filled bags with coupons & bottles of Diet Pepsi.  Then we surprised moms all over with $100 SpaFinder gift certificates.  I love surprising people!  Especially mothers!  This is why promotions still rock in my book.

Time to snuggle up and watch The Vow with the most important woman in my life.  Mama.


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weekly iPhone pic drop

Funny how even as your kitchen is torn apart & the momentum in the house at the chaos level, the paper towel roll always ends up in the same spot it has sat for the last 23 years.

Nice weather means time to bike.  My goal is to bike at least once a week (preferably twice [out of 3]) to work… thank God for my Timbuk2 bag that holds my all my stuff.

Who knew the proper way to cut a grapefruit from the peel?  Not this girl – thanks to Jeyk in LA for teaching me a lesson.

Sometimes, on a lazy day, when I’m feeling supportive.  I like to peruse shops on Etsy in search of something I totally don’t need.  I’ll buy something for the sheer sake of supporting a fellow creative human-being in their passions.  Like this lip chap, to add to my 60 other lip chaps [because lip chap is a must].

This is hands down my favorite sports bra, courtesy of Lululemon.

Our house is a construction zone – hard hat not needed.  But that bowl of Cheerios?  Please, go rinse it in the sink and dump the leftover o’s in the toilet while the remodel is in limbo.  K thanks.

Every time I walk through Macy’s I see Martha Stuart is up to no good.  Her wares are beautiful, vintage, colorful, and totally unnecessary.  But that adorable Berry Colander?  I can’t live without it.

“I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine.  I got a love and I know that it’s all mine, oh….”

Two days straight of Flavor Auditions.  And being a sneaky spy listening as people sing their heart out in the studio at the back of our 18-wheeler Pepsi X-Factor mobile.

And the beat goes on,


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