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weekly iPhone pic drop

weekly iphone pic drop

I enjoy advertising and graphic design in magazines where the product is set on a solid surface, sometimes a wood floor, and shot from above.  Here are some of my favorite things.  Candles (self-proclaimed pyro), the book I just finished “Girls in White Dresses“, brilliant brunette satin shine, eos lip chap, and Trader Joe’s Vanilla Almond Milk.

After the cleanse, I wanted to treat myself. Kinda like when people reach certain weight loss goals, they’ll buy a new pair of shoes, a nice bottle of wine, or something rewarding to them. This wasn’t a weight loss goal but a 5-day cleanse was trying and at times, frustrating. So… I decided to splurge on a few pieces of Lulu.  Ladies beware, it’s dangerous in there!  The colors of the season are bangin’ hot.

In February, my doll face lady from Scottsdale came home for a week.  Met this chick in 3rd grade and we’ve been best friends ever since.  The majority of the week was spent gossiping, hitting the gym, and drinking. Who are we kidding?  I can make a mean St Germain Cocktail and she can spot the perfect bottle of Riesling from a mile away.  #greatminds

This lion cub-looking puppy melts my heart. He makes me want to find a way to keep puppies small. Forever and always. I like big dogs, too, but there’s something about little puppies that can instantly change your mood. The next breed I’d like to own is either a Corgi or a Great Bernese Mountain Dog. A little and a big.

I don’t consider myself a brand whore. In fact, I prefer the term brand loyal. There are a few with which I happily associate myself and highly recommend.  This snapshot showcases four of them (artistic, no?).  The car I drive right now is a Lexus. I’m thisclose to having it paid off.  This model is one I saw on the freeway and secretly told myself I’d tote around my four kids in it one day… got the car, time to work on step two.  The thumb holes on my Lululemon tops are reason alone to fall in love with the Vancouver-based retailer. No more sleeves rolling up into your jacket! Bazinga! Gorgeous, comfy clothing, totally unaffordable, but that’s what wish lists are for, right?  I prefer regular water, by the gallon, I’m a water girl at heart. As long as it doesn’t taste like plastic, and doesn’t carry a strain of motezumas revenge (worst Mexico trip ever!)… I’ll guzzle it. After a good workout, I prefer Zico coconut water. After weightlifting, when my arms are like jelly worms, I pretend I spent all morning on a deserted island, hacking away at a palm tree to reach some of this glory.  Last, but not least, a year ago we discovered a new shop called Superdry. I figured it was a high end, boutique fabric softener store – boy was I wrong. Behold some of the best jackets known to man. Superdry is a company based in Japan that knows the value of a zipper (or ten).  This jacket (also with thumb holes I might add) retails for $140, it’s called the polar windcheater and worth every penny.

This tall, beautiful brunette is a breath of fresh air. I consider her one of my best friends and had to visit her while vacationing in her zip code. I made a reservation under a fake name (Debra Morgan, holla Dexter freaks!) and surprised her at the swanky salon where she works.  It only took me 2 hours of public transportation bus riding and a mile walk to get there, but well worth the effort!  Those annual girls trips I take?  She’s one of the six ladies, and I would not be as far along in my life as I am without her straight talk, cuddles and infectious laugh.  Mwah Carla!

Made a visit to Universal Studios. The best part? The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The cobblestone, Butterbeer [a nonalcoholic butterscotch and root beer flavored frothy drink that tastes spectacular with smuggled in whiskey], everything! There’s even a wand shop where you can buy a phoenix-feather wand. Whoever thru this place together paid unbelievable attention to detail – I swear the air even smelled like freakin Hogwarts!

There’s a franchise in Florida that must make its way to the Midwest.  Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has this magical salsa bar that is entirely glorious. Whoever thought to offer serve yourself pineapple salsa deserves a raise. Or an orgasm.  I literally ate three cups of pineapple salsa in record time.  Inhaled it.

Life is beautiful, I’ve got the pictures to prove it,
Running to.
Sipping on.
Adding the ‘mellow yellow‘ to my wish list.
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weekly iPhone pic drop

Yes, I got another massage.  This is my guilty pleasure.  The only way I can afford them is by using a Groupon/LivingSocial, etc.  Anyway – I visited a fabulous little spa in the middle of nowhere called Belle Amie.  It is a super small, very luxurious little spa.  The woman who runs it, I think, is whom gave me my 75 minute hot stone massage and she was terrific- super pleasant to work with!  In the adjoining bathroom I found this contraption.  I don’t know if it is for having a water massage, a water birth, or a full body shower, car-wash style… but I wanted to jump in!

Three giant bags, one almost gone.  This is the new house favorite.  Skinny Pop is one of those snacks you cannot stop at one bowl.  You must have at least, but not limited to, three.  Lo and behold, they sell it at Costco (parents favorite shopping spot) – please don’t judge that we keep this brand in business.

Naughty coffee.  This is what I call a naughty coffee.  A Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with Soy Milk from Starbucks.  Once in a while, on a bad day, or on an exceptionally great day – I make it a Naughty Coffee Day.  Ringing in at a whopping $5.15, I indulge in this vice sparingly.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Once, when we were younger, one of us girls (three daughters) bit into the interior leather of our Isuzu Trooper.  Don’t ask me why.  Maybe we were hangry.  To determine the culprit, my father made us all bite into an apple to compare teeth marks to the damage.  He is SUCH a smart thinker.  Wise guy, that man.  For some reason, this late night PB&J small bite, big bite snapshot reminded me of the good old days.

Houston, we have bluebirds.  Check out these neat little eggs.  How did they get blue-colored?  Hey, is there a magician dying eggs year round that we should know about?

Wine labels have a new friend on the “places I gather design inspiration” list.  Shoe boxes!

My girlfriend invited me to a prescreening of Avengers.  I can’t honestly say I followed the whole story, but I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics, the colors, the outfits, and ass-kicking.  I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

Pineapple is my.favorite.fruit.in.the.world.  I’m a champion at cutting them – and will consume this fruit until the citrus brutally conquers my mouth.

A little baby ticket was randomly discarded on the ground.  I wonder if it came from a carnival, or a workplace raffle.  Hopefully a carnival, filled with fire-breathers and pinstriped-dressed men working the ferris wheel.


This weekend holds hopefully completing a big marketing project at one job, planning out the processes of a new business idea, and a lot of guacamole & margarita sightings during my tour de Cinco de Mayo.

Have I told you how great life is lately?


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