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Scottsdale : Monday

We slept in as long as we could before we had to get rolling.  Carley was the first flight out and we wanted to catch breakfast at Arcadia Farms first.  This sweet cafe is right out of Little House on the Prairie.  Wood floor, red doors, cute art on the wall.  It felt like going to a grandma’s house who knew how to interior decorate properly.

photo 1

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photo 1-1In typical best friend’s fashion, we each ordered a Kir Royal to toast our remarkably great weekend.  While we recapped and perused the menu, our waitress dropped off a small plate of mini scones to nibble on.

photo 2-1 copy

photo 4-2


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This was one of those spots where anything you ordered off the menu would be amazing.  I debated between the Fresh Berry Crepes and the Breakfast Panini.  The panini won: scrambled egg with rosemary ham and smoked mozzarella on a baguette.

photo 3-3Next, we had to hustle to make Carley’s departure time… never a dull moment!  Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is a city in itself, tons of terminals, north side, south side, ramps and overpasses.  Katie is a ninja navigating that space!

After dropping Carley off, we decided against our better judgment to a little hiking on Camelback Mountain in the 115 degree heat.  Plenty of water, working cell phones, crazy sports bra straps and sunglasses – we set off.  It got hotter and hotter as we climbed and pretty soon we made the executive decision that we were sweating faster than we could replenish with water, and that a descent was the best option.

photo 5-2

photo copy


The rest of my afternoon, I dipped in the pool and packed up all of my things.  We stopped off at Sprinkles to pick up some goodies for the folks at home and I found my way to my gate.

photo 2-2

More than one time this weekend – Carley and I promised we would be back again next year for another long weekend in the hot box.  There’s nothing like 4 days with your best friends to really refocus on what’s important in life.  Friendships, memories, laughter, and not taking ourselves too seriously.

photo 3-2


Until next time AZ,



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Rainy Galway

Rainy! Cold! Gloomy!

Today we head to the Cliffs of Moher. A student out&back ticket on the bus is €21.50, significantly cheaper that any tour we found… and we can spend as long as we like. We grabbed a lunch and got outta dodge.

The Bus Èireaan is the Ireland bus company. We ride in a nice coach bus thru the rain and fog about 2 hours away. There’s no bathroom on the bus, and for me, that’s like saying there’s no air to breath when you need it. I just have to pee. Always. Every 25 min it seems like. And not having a bathroom onboard is slightly nerve-racking. Deep breath.

Small side note: It’s amazing how much mileage I can get out of this car. Both domestic and international. Students get discounts on food, hostels, bus tickets, Jameson tours, everything. I’m going to milk it for all I can. And when the card is unreadable. I’ll regress and buy a fake… how’s that for ironic? We spend our younger years striving to have an older ID just to become legal and strive for a younger ID.

Anyway, we made it to the Cliffs of Moher. The entire ride was bumpy. Entirely. The ride home was extremely bumpy over the cobblestones, like we were in a giant blender. Despite that, both Chelsea and I fell asleep on the way there and on the way home.

The Cliffs of Moher were invisible. The fog was so heavy and thick we were unable to view any of the steep cliffs. Mini photo shoot at the teeny castle on the bluff and we jumped right back on the bus again. Really shitty too because these cliffs are in The Princess Bride, one of the best movies of all time!

Back in Galway, I take the deepest nap ever. Chelsea wakes me up and we shop for an authentic sweater for someone at home. Our reward is gelato and enjoying more street musicians. Mmm.

An old Irish man rolled many kegs down an alleyway… straight out of a movie I felt like.

Dinner turns into an exploration in other parts of this small town. We dine at Busker Brownes. The hostel gave us a free pint of Guinness there.

After dinner we pub hopped to three spots that had large crowds, intimate lighting and live music. We enjoyed Jameson at each. Everywhere we went two Jameson neats were €8.40 – no one can charge more or less.

We toasted to friendship, silly Irishmen, our futures….

Laughing all the way back to the hostel.












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