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six {6} months

time flies. it absolutely does. apparently we have been married for 6 months already. WHAT?! i haven’t even taken the time to recap our WEDDING, must less everything incredible that’s happened since then.


we’ve been to Mexico, we’ve been to Hawaii. we’ve scuba dived in the ocean. we’ve ridden bikes down a volcano on an island. we’ve worked out and laughed and cried and learned more about communication. so much about communication, that is something we will always work towards succeeding at.  each day I feel like we get better. we are both independent, strong-willed individuals and we can butt heads when we’re passionate. but that’s made for the best conversations, ever. the long hours / bottles of wine / candles-burning-conversation that i hope every couple gets to have.


we’ve charted out a good chunk of the next couple years and surprisingly find ourselves living in my parents basement for a little bit of time while we’re in limbo. we have the world at our fingertips and I feel like we’re about to take off.


no one told me it was going to be this good. and if they did? I wouldn’t have believed them.

Brett, you are my favorite adventurer, my teammate… I am incredibly head over heels for you boy.

all my love,


4all images by Ash & James Photography

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backyard soiree


celebrating love with a backyard soirée

I am so blessed to have some beautiful, amazing friends.  It’s hard to all get together [and we’re missing 2 of the girls!]  for events as everyone is scattered across the country.  Over the fourth of July weekend, a handful of my loves were in town.  They planned a backyard gathering to celebrate Brett and I getting engaged.  I thought we were meeting to go out, but upon arrival, they had this set-up.
IMG_0372 2

Katie, Carley, Molly, moi


A beautiful evening with the sun shining through the trees.  Champagne with floating strawberries.  A whiskey + bourbon bar.  Slices of cheese.  Homemade guacamole.  Areyouserious?
Conversation and giggles surrounded us and made me feel like the luckiest girl to have such a support system.
And know what else? Their husbands are phenomenal humans as well.  Way back when, I loved being able to introduce Brett to my girls, they’re my soulmate sisters… but to also have the chance to introduce B to the fold and have him connect with their men?  I.  Love  It.  Since meeting years ago, we’ve have had countless long nights of laughter and ridiculousness.
Everything is falling in to place, and my heart is so, so full.
Thank you so much for all the thought you put into this backyard evening, ladies.
It means more than you know,
Listening to this.
Drinking this.
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i so excited

It has been a few weeks of engagement and a spontaneous, terrific decision to have our wedding this fall.  What are we waiting for?  I know this is right.  We both want it.  Our non-negotiables are available.  Our venue is “chosen” and just keeps getting better day after day.  Why have a year-long engagement?  Why put this off until fall of next year?  Why wait?  The time is now.

A handful of stressful nights, more than a few “what-the-heck-are-we-doing” looks to one another and then a late night planning session with B last night at Starbucks.  We’re sipping drinks and listening to bands and different ceremony songs… I had an epiphany when listening to a song I’ve pictured myself walking down the aisle to… I got goosebumps, full-body chills… I almost lost it right then and there.  I am so incredibly excited.  And terrified!

I have dreamt about designing invitations to this event.  And focusing on the fonts and the colors.  I have an idea the theme we’re headed towards and I’m confident everything will fall into place.

What an exciting adventure this is… and we still have a few months to perfect these details and make it better, or refine it, or change it altogether!  And what a freaking blessing to have incredible parents that are willing to support me and host this very special day!

add to blog planning meeting

This life is incredible!


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to ring or not to ring?

I’m not getting married anytime soon, nor am I even remotely close to engaged.  But, I’ve had slightly strong opinions on jewelry from square one.  I’m a simple lady.  I don’t prefer diamonds, baubles, dangling earrings, and such.  I need functional pieces that work whether I’m running a half marathon, cooking a quiche, or jumping in a lake.

For some reason, I’ve never been impressed with diamonds and the whole engagement ring process that soon-to-be-wed couples go through.  Putting that money to use in other ways is what I’m more interested in.  A 16-day backpacking trip through Europe or a downpayment on a house.  DailyWorth recommends putting that $5,000 towards 100 nights of paying a babysitter $50 so you can get some alone time out on the town.  I would much rather have a modest, super simple, less-expensive ring (or a tattoo?…) in exchange for a handful of super memorable adventures.

For example, let’s go to the airport, take the next international flight out and spend a week wherever we end up.  Complete spontaneity.

In my world, the price of a tiny mineral is not directly proportional to how much a guy loves his woman…

Just my thoughts,



Cool video.  Sipping on.  Listening to.




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weekly iphone pic drop

Here’s the shop we’re ordering the bridesmaid’s dresses from for Carla’s wedding.  Flutter in Uptown.  Not only do I love the ‘dress-up’ feeling but they use a Mac.  Win!

Do you know me?  Are we friends?  Then you’ll know I’m hands-down obsessed with lip chap.  EOS is my new favorite brand.  Here’s my stash.  Be jealous. #evolutionofsmooth

Guess who learned how to fish tail?  I have the typical French braid down pat.  The fish tail is a little longer process, maybe because my hair is so long.  I love this look.

The world would not spin if peanut butter did not exist.  I read that somewhere.  I believe it to be true.  The first knife-full is pure bliss.

After last week’s snow dump. I noticed snowmen out for walks on a regular basis.  Creepy.

Peanut Butter Cheerios.  Apparently those exist.  I taste-tested them – they are worthy.

An Apple lover through and through – one of my favorite products is the earbuds with remote & mic.  They make winter running with music a cinch.

Miss Molls opened my eyes to the wonderful world of New Age.  Slightly bubbled, white, crisp, flavorful.  And check out that babe!

Yesterday I went into Superdry for the first time.  Within 4 minutes I spotted, tried on, and purchased my first epic jacket from them.  I’ll be back for more.


I’m a big fan of Kickstarter and all that they stand for.  Funding, following, and supporting creativity all over the world.  I found one today about Instaprint which is a location based photo booth that works hand-in-hand with Instagram.  And as you know, I’m a huge lover of Instagram.  Check them out.  I might have to back that project.

Have a beautiful weekend lovers.



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makes the world go round

Music is what motivates me, energizes me & fuels my runs.  It also makes me look like complete crazy b*t#h… picture this, I’m driving down 35W, my song comes on – I crank this up – I sing it loud – complete with pained emotional expressions, loud pitches… a complete rockstar stage performance.  It seems as though all my favorite songs right now are about love.  LOVE, love, LOVE.  Strained, sad, happy, missing, questioning, deep, confusing relationships : it. is. perfect. for. me. right. now.

Here is the complete list that I can’t help but max my volume at:

1.  “It Will Rain” – Bruno Mars

2.  “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri [may or may not elicit tears depending on the mood]

3.  “Don’t You Remember” – Adele [the queen of all relationship music]

4.  “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz [love this music video]

It might be all the wedding talk [Carley] & current boy thoughts.  Either way, music is one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind.  I’m sure of it.



Two things I will touch on another day when The Hunger Games series isn’t calling my name to be read.  [remind me if I don’t remember]

1) starting my DayMakers idea

2) new weekly iPhone pic drop

more on those new parts of life later.

buenos noches amores.


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